Rhinefiled House Hotel Wedding Blog

Rhinefield House Hotel
Kirsty & Chris

Rhinefield House Hotel Wedding Photography

Kirsty and Chris decided to get married in the picturesque New Forest with their ceremony at St. Luke’s Church in Burton following with their reception at the Rhinefield House Hotel.

This was a stunning location for a wedding and we made full use of the woodland later in the evening when the sun started to set…thanks to a fearless couple willing to jumping across a stream!

Rhinefield House Hotel Wedding Photography

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Kensington Roof Gardens
Natalija & Michael

Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding Photography

If you’ve never seen Kensington Roof Gardens before you should really go. This oasis in the city is something to see and I went through a ‘how did I not know this was here’ moment when I arrived.

It’s a mix of several areas, theres the English garden, a Spanish garden.. ok it’s the crystal maze. There, I said it. You’ve also got real live pink flamingoes there too. In Kensington!

I was here to shoot Natalija and Michael’s wedding, everything took place at the gardens and everything seemed to happen so quickly. From the civil ceremony to the Bedeken to the Chuppah ceremony it was non stop.

Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding Photography

We had photos in the English Garden before re-joining the guests in the Aztec Zone Spanish Garden before settling in for dinner, speeches and Israeli dancing.

The band ‘Shir’ played for the first half of the evening (and supplied music throughout the day) before the in house DJ played the rest of the evening out.

We were there until the very end and took advantage of the restaurant upstairs for an awesome shot across London at night.

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Aynhoe Park Wedding

Aynhoe Park Weddings

Wedding at Aynhoe Park

Aynhoe Park

There are many venues which are on my photographers bucket list, one of which is Aynhoe Park.

Aynhoe Park, is a Grade I listed 17th-century country house rebuilt after the English Civil War on the southern edge of the stone-built village of Aynho, Northamptonshire, England. It overlooks the Cherwell valley that divides Northamptonshire from Oxfordshire. The house represents four architectural periods and is a perfect exclusive venue perfect for weddings.

If you’d like to see a gallery of my weddings at Aynhoe Park, check out Bel and Victors Wedding at Aynhoe Park there for your wedding please get in touch and for more information on the venue, check out their website here: Aynhoe Park

Wiston House Wedding Photography

Wiston House
Kristina & Jamie

Wiston House Wedding Photography

Until Kristina and Jamies wedding my expereince of Wiston House weddings were always in the winter and as the venue has such lovely gardens in the summer months it was really good to be there in May.

Everything took place here but I arrived early to cover Jamie leaving a message for his Grandad on a hillside personal to him as well as some of the guys playing cricket before leaving to cover the bridal prep.

Their ceremony was in the Great Hall and afterwards we went off out through the conservatory for their reception and photos on the terraced lawns.

Everything was in bloom at this time of year from the floor to the treetops – there was blossom and pretty all over and in the evening we headed out for photos in the maze and watched the sun set.

Wiston House Wedding Photography

Dinner was held in the Library as a huge white dancefloor was laid out ready for the evening celebrations with shots, limbo dancing and all sorts of crazy.

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Upwaltham Barns
Elizabeth & James

Upwaltham Barns
Lizzie is a self confessed flower addict. She loves them to bits and as a result there was a huge floral presence at Upwaltham Barns for her and James’ wedding. Pastel bouquets, headbands and wall decor was everywhere along with a decent amount of homespun touches everywhere.

Everything took place here, from the prep to the ceremony and reception and that is a big strength of Upwaltham, you don’t lose any of your day moving between venues…time passes quickly on a wedding day.

Upwaltham BarnsInside the main barn was colourful, the bunting lowered the ceiling nicely to make dinner more cosy and after speeches we headed off for some more photos as the sun was setting.

Upwaltham Barns

I stayed until midnight for their wedding and it was a packed dancefloor all night! They also had video from Anneka Ireland and their highlight clip is below along with more photos from their day.

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Stoke Palce Wedding Photographer

Stoke Place
Maliha & Adam

Stoke Place WeddingsOne couple, three weddings.

I’ve never known of this before. I’ve experienced two, the religious / spiritual and the legal but three is a new on me.

This was an Anglo American fusion wedding of sorts. Maliha and Adam’s first wedding (religious) was in the USA, then over here there was the official legal one and finally this one which was a big family do with all the usual bells and whistle you’d come to expect, except the ring exchange and ceremony was symbolic for all the friends and family who couldn’t make it to the US.

Stoke Place WeddingsThe venue of choice was Stoke Place, a luxury hotel in Newington. A plus point for me was that everyone got ready there. It was nice to bounce between both Maliha and Adam. There’s two stories to tell after all.

The ceremony itself was outside and we had good weather for September (I’m late blogging this wedding aren’t I?) and Stoke Place is perfectly geared up for weddings outside. The ceremony played out with Maliha’s sister and bridesmaid giving a reading each and

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West Wittering Beach couples shoot

West Wittering Beach
Felicity & Alex

Meet Felicity and Alex. this gorgeous couple are getting married this August at Upwaltham Barns in Petworth.

But before then we planned a couples shoot where Alex proposed, which was across the dunes at West Wittering Beach. I love couple shoots, so much so I have one with my wife Laura each time we go away on holiday.

It’s something the brings you closer together, you get great photos at the end of it and you’re warmed up for your imminent wedding day.

We parked up, hit the dunes, the beach huts and the seafront. The tide was out at the time so

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Islington Town Hall Wedding Photography

Islington Metal Works
Rachel & Chris

Islington Metal Works WeddingTanks.

One thing I don’t see much of at weddings are Army tanks. Not that’s it’s going to be much of a surprise to anyone really. Can you imagine what it would be like if it became tradition that at the moment of the first kiss Grandma stood up in the turret wearing a lopsided helmet screaming YEE HAW! and firing a rally of missile into the air?

Yeah, it would amazing wouldn’t it?

But if the tanks won’t come to us (without ruining a lawn) then we need to go to them and it leads us to the rather kooky, 100% cool Islington Metal Works in London.

It’s such a Fab place and only 10 minutes from Islington Town Hall which is where Rachel and Chris got married.

Islington Metal Works WeddingRachel and Chris are Brits living in Australia so it was their wish to come over here and get married with all their friends and family close.

Their ceremony at Islington Town Hall was unlike any other. The rules are no religious presence anywhere which is why you don’t see traditional hymns at a registry office.

This doesn’t mean you can’t take those rules and bend the heck out of them. Queens ‘Don’t stop me now’ and Ben E Kings ‘Stand by me’ aren’t religious so we did indeed have song during the ceremony.

Afterwards we took some photos in the usual spots that Islington offers before heading off via Routemaster to Islington Metal Works.

Islington Metal Works WeddingIslington Metal Works is great because they will decorate it any way you want and everyone is quite sweet there. The freedom and the friendliness they offer you is a win in my book!

After their arrival we took some more photos, the more formal stuff and then went in to dinner where Rachel’s sister sung her speech which was hilarious.

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Tipi Wedding Photography in London

Shiplake Church and a Four Hat Tipi Wedding
Keli & Mark

Tipi Wedding PhotographyA massive party. That’s how I would sum up Keli and Marks tipi wedding.

They had a gorgeous four hat tipi which was only a couple of minutes away from Shiplake church ( in Henley on Thames ). There were two of us covering their wedding, I was covering Keli’s side and Greg the photographic Ninja was covering Mark’s.

We both had a lot of space to shoot in and there was lots of cool stuff surrounding us. The best wedding car I’ve yet to see, a classic american Thunderbird, blew my mind and as the prep was next to the Tipi it gave me the chance to look inside and imagine the awesomeness that was going to take place later on.

Tipi Wedding Photography

I headed off to the church where Greg was waiting for me and I waited for Keli to arrive. After the ceremony Greg rode shotgun back to the reception with the other guests on a trailer pulled by a tractor!

While this was happening we made a brief detour to the waterside where Mark originally proposed and had some photo time there. We didn’t stay too long, enough to get the photos we needed and not too long their guests would miss them.
Tipi Wedding Photography

From this point the party started, the formalities were over and we could all relax, (other than the speeches but they were handled with ease)!

A Tipi wedding is typically a relaxed and more informal one and dinner was a carvery per table, each with it’s own nominated head carver and as the night drew in their band ‘Tetris’ kept things going until past midnight when we also finished too.

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Southend Barns Wedding Photography

Southend Barns
Hayley & James

Southend Barns WeddingYou know how sometimes you’ll go somewhere new and yet feel totally at ease with your surroundings? Well this was the case with me on my first outing to Southend Barns.

I know what it was too. It’s a welcoming space, the ceremony area is so very honest and calming and they have Alpacas out the back.

Southend Barns WeddingAlpacas! And cow wallpaper in the loos. I mean c’mon, that’s cool.
So yes, this was my first time here to shoot the wedding of Hayley and James, both are in the airline industry so there were little reminders of this every now and again in the venue with a less subtle bi-plane flyover after the ceremony for us to all enjoy!

One of the beautiful things about Southend Barns is the length of the aisle Hayley walked down. It really felt like a true aisle walk!

Southend Barns WeddingIt was a beautiful and warm day, not too hot and the sun was sweet to us late in the afternoon. We went over to some cornfields for pictures after dinner before the evening kicked off spectacularly, I didn’t want to leave and stayed until the end.

I’m finding that staying later has it’s benefits with every wedding I shoot. People really let themselves go and I have more time to do some of the more experimental types of photography.

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