Castle Durrow Wedding

Castle Durrow, Ireland
Anne & Nick

Here’s Anne and Nick’s September wedding at Castle Durrow in Ireland.

I love heading to the Emerald Isle for weddings, I love the local food, the Guinness and the friendliness of the locals. It’s like a calmer version of the UK!

Anne and Nick had their reception at the Castle, but their ceremony was at The Church of the Most Holy Rosary, Abbeyleix.

This was an Irish and Greek fusion wedding, so in the evening the dancefloor lit up and was crazy all the way through until 2am. I only just managed to keep up with everyone. From money being slapped on foreheads, to NIck being thrown into the air the party kept on going, large and loudright until the end.

Here are some more images from their day:

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Upwaltham Barns June Wedding

Upwaltham Barns in June
Stacey & Shane

Upwaltham Barns June Wedding

As it’s -7 out there right now I thought I’d show you Stacey and Shane’s wedding from the final day of June last year at Upwaltham Barns to reassure you that this cold is temporary and there is much better weather to come.

On the day we had clear blue skies and it marked the beginning of the summer heatwave that ended a month later. When it finally broke and the heavens opened I was shooting a wedding on a boat in London getting very wet.

But that’s another story, for another time.

So here we have the lovely Stacey and Shane, their day started apart with Stacey at Rubens Barn getting ready with her maids and for Shane, Benges Cottage 10 minutes away. It’s amazing just how many different places I’ve seen around Petworth that couples get ready in. You think it’s all fields but there’s lots of little places to stay dotted everywhere.

Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photographer

This wedding was a biggie with 145 guests spread around the grounds. There were garden games, the Moroccon snug provided extra shade to compliment the trees all the while a steel drummer was playing upbeat ambience to keep everyones tempo high.

Because of the heat we deferred most of the couple shots until after dinner as the lazy summer sun didn’t seem to be going anywhere and it also bought them more time with their guests. It was a more relaxed time of day too.

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Cain Manor Winter Wedding

Cain Manor
Claudette & Martin’s Winter Wedding

Cain Manor Wedding December

Here is Claudette and Martin’s wedding at Cain Manor. Their smart black tie wedding suited the season perfectly as did the venue. They were really keen to have fairy lights and candles all around during their ceremony and this really added to the ambience and seasonal feel so close the Christmas.

Their gold and glass tableware, the calligraphy and general decor showed they really considered the wedding at every level. Their gorgeous geometric / gatsby / deco cake and supporting candies which were so pretty the guests held off eating them!

But a wedding is only a shell without a great supporting cast. All the family, bridesmaids and groomsmen were high spirited, full of energy and were there to party. Nothing was going to get in the way of a good time today.

I had a lot of fun with them too, even when the light left us mid afternoon we still found fun with some LED lights either I had or the guests had on their phones. There’s always a way to get great stuff at a wedding, even in the winter and even in the dark!

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Canon EOS R Review for Wedding Photography

The Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera Wedding Photography Review
Part 1 – First Impressions

The Canon EOS R Review

*Canon EOS R Review Update 12th Feb 2019* – New firmware is out (v1.1.0) and this impacts some of my comments

Support for continuous shooting / burst mode in silent shutter
Corrects a phenomenon in which an error may occur if there is a large number of files in a specific format on the memory card.
Corrects a phenomenon in which an error may occur when silent shutter has been enabled.
Corrects a phenomenon in which horizontal linear noise may occur when using specific lenses together with certain recording image quality settings.
Corrects a phenomenon in which the information displayed in the viewfinder may become abnormal.

The Canon EOS R Review


Usually within a week of getting a camera that’s evolutionary or revolutionary for the system it’s contained within I’m there with my credit card and within a week I do a blog post singing it’s praises for being the greatest thing everrrr. I usually know when I see the specs that it’ll be a camera I love, enjoy and it’ll change my photography in a positive way.

The Canon EOS R camera though, that was a different experience. Three things held me back, the lack of a joystick and the single card slot. I just couldn’t see it elegantly fitting in with my current setup (2 x 5D4’s). Thirdly the general downplay by youtubers who weren’t really using it in a way that I would, which is weddings and portraiture.

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Swallows Nest Barn

Swallows Nest Barn
Ali & Alex

Ali and Alex’s wedding at Swallows Nest Barn was a crazy day. Everyone was ready to party and they weren’t going to be held back by anything!

Of note and something to keep in mind if you’re planning a wedding….they had a quiz – pub quiz style. I’ve never seen one at a wedding before and was amazed by how excited everyone was over it, much silliness followed.

It’s always nice to shoot weddings at this barn, there are lots of places to go, with fields everywhere and you aren’t bothered by anyone else. It truly feels like you’re own exclusive party and everyone can be themselves.

Here’s some more from their day:

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The Honourable Honourable Artillery Company Wedding

The Honourable Artillery Company
Joanna & Adam

I love a London wedding with Joanna and Adam’s being no exception. They chose St Dunstans Church (Stepney High Street) for their ceremony which then followed on to The Honourable Artillery Company where they had dinner upstairs in the Long Room as well as photos on the ground situated around the Artillery Garden.

This was in the middle of June so we had great weather and there was a lot of time to kick back and relax.

Here are some more images from their day:

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A West Peckham Village Wedding
Anna & Ben

Anna and Bens’ wedding in West Peckham was themed around their surroundings, an Apple orchard. With table names based around differing types of apple and a lot of the outdoors being brought inside strewn across the beams of their marquee and on the tables. As all this was on the grounds of Anna’s family home the scene was being set for a wonderful day surrounded by their family and friends.

I started the day there and bounced between St Dunstan’s Church in the village to cover both sides of the preparations.

What made this wedding especially nice was Anna’s father is the vicar at St Dunstans so after the Bentley dropped her at the church her brother walked Anna down the aisle where Dad was waiting.

It made the ceremony particularly family and community orientated and myself, I positioned myself poorly under the loudest choir member and my ears were ringing….!

After, we headed back to the marquee for drinks and photos. I was spoilt here for backdrops and even the rain, when it came, threw it down late enough to not get in the way for the reception and the broken cloud cover gave us respite from the sun and it looked great in the resulting images.

In the evening we had a Cèilidh that everyone took part in.

This was one of those family, fun summer day weddings in an ideal setting and lovely people. I ended the day with a few shots by the apple trees and some of my lights before heading home, exhausted!

Here are some more images from their day:

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Syon Park
Emma & Oli

Syon Park WeddingHere is Emma and Oli’s summer wedding at Syon Park.

This was a day full of life and ‘London lively’ – These two kept me on my toes all day and I loved Every. Second. Of. It.

I started at the Hilton and jumped between both of them during prep with Oli and his bestie riding their motorcycles to the ceremony inside the Great Hall while Emma arrived by car.

The Great hall is unlike anywhere I’ve attended before and the statues, along with the black and white flooring, were a beautiful sight to see when I got there.


After their ceremony we milled around the garden for a bit before heading over to the Great Conservatory via the Queens Walk where the rest of the drinks, photos and dinner service took place.

The Great Conservatory is huge and awe inspiring to look at from any angle; a perfect setting for a summer wedding with guests exploring the grounds at will.

But, as nice as the grounds were unless you fill it with the right people you’ve only 50% of a wedding. Their outrageous friends who were open, friendly and who wore their hearts on their sleeves really made this day complete.

From the friendly jibes between the groomsmen during prep to the chilled approach from the brides side through to Emma swigging champage from the bottle this was a perfect wedding for me to shoot.

The guests got smashed at the gin station, Emma and Oli were thrown in to air on the dance floor and I stayed until the end of the night where they had a sparkler send off aka – ‘It’s midnight, everyone is absolutely smashed, lets do a sparklers, what could go wrong’ happened. It was certainly a memorable wedding. As every wedding should be.

It was love and life unfiltered, the absolute best.

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Old Luxters Barn
Stacey & Alex

Everyone has a favourite month of the year and for me it’s May (if I could pick two I’d add October as well). While every month is unique I’m a sucker for colour and there always seems to be the most variety in those months. It’s good for the creative process and also the weather is varied without being too harsh in any direction. At the end of May last year I was shooting the wedding of Stacey and Alex who got married at Old Luxters Barn in Oxfordshire. A wedding is only as good as the people in it and prety much everyone reflected the high energy of Stacey and Alex. Stacey got ready down the road at the White Hart Hotel where Alex had arranged surprise transport in the shape of a VW Camper for her to take her to the ceremony. I loved how the barn was decorated today, there were lots of nice touches, pastels and details to be absorbed in and the ceremony area was set perfectly for Stacey’s arrival. After the I-do’s we headed down to the lawn next to the main house for photos using all the available space while the guests were…

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