Upwaltham Barns Wedding in the rain

Upwaltham Barns
Kelly & Mike

Upwaltham Barns WeddingHere is Kelly and Mike’s wedding from late March at Upwaltham Barns.

It was the time of year when you never know what the weather is going to do and fortunately the Barns lend themselves well to this and also for photos if it does eventually rain like above!

Kelly got ready with the girls up the road at Hollandsfield Lodge before finishing prep at the Jasmine cottage on site with their ceremony following shortly after.

We had some fun afterwards and made use of the grounds for photos and I stayed late to get as much of the evening do as possible. I’ve found that after about 9pm things start to get a little crazy on any dancefloor, that extra vodka, the ‘surprise Jagerbomb’ always seems to have a positive effect on the crowd……

Upwaltham Barns WeddingI was gone by about 11:30 and was really happy that once again I’d been able to rock out at Upwaltham Barns. Here’s some more photos from Kelly and Mike’s wedding day:

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Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

Farnham Castle
Amy & Tom

Farnham Castle Wedding

Here’s Amy and Tom’s Wedding at Farnham Castle. They were married in early September and we were spoiled with so much on the day to shoot.

Amy got ready in the Gate house with the girls and the guys were with Tom up in the bridal suite were Laura also was, covering their prep.

This was a wedding that oozed attention to detail. From personalised stationery, individual bridesmaids dresses, festoon lighting outside, projection lighting inside, light up signs, a painted cake on an ornamental dresser as well as flowers everywhere you can be sure there was a lot to experience and enjoy here.

Farnham Castle Wedding

Their ceremony was held in the Lantern Hall. I’ve seen this set up in various ways but they had it arranged for the longest aisle, and at the end of it, a nervous Tom was waiting.

There were flowers everywhere, pom poms, vases with stems and the light cut through the windows just so. As if everything was lining up as it was meant to. Their friends gave readings and played music, Amy and Tom said their vows and we went outside for a flood of confetti on the Foxes stairs.

There was plenty going on outside for the guests, with lawn games, a Prosecco Bar and canapes were served all under the imposing stature of Farnham Castle and as we were so high up, the view for miles across Farnham itself.

Farnham Castle Wedding

We took this time to steal Amy and Tom away for photos. The weather like this, at this time of year is a gift so we headed of to the pretty scenery and background around the Castle. when we returned the Gatsby Girls were performing as an introduction to dinner.

It was a lovely, cosy fit in the Lantern Hall for dinner. The tables were arranged in three long banqueting lines, dinner was served, speeches followed and we then went outside for cocktail hour along the stone hall and the lawn itself.

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Virginia Water Couples Shoot

Virginia Water Lake
Lisa & Richard

Virginia Water Couples Shoot

Here is Lisa and Richard from their couple’s shoot at Virginia Water Lake in October.

Virginia Water Lake lies on the southern edge of Windsor Great Park, in the borough of Runnymede in Surrey and it is right on their doorstep. So what better place to have their pre wedding shoot?

Virginia Water Couples Shoot

This was a lovely time of year. late spring and autumn are my favourite time for shoots becasue of the colour.

We did a circuit of the lake, visited the waterfall, stood in some fields and headed deep into the woods…

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Gorsefield Rural Studies Centre
Kathryn & Rhys

Gorsefield Rural Studies Centre Wedding

Gorsefield rural studies centre in Stansted Mountfitchet was the venue of choice for Kathryn and Rhys who tied the knot this July. The centre is normally used to increase children’s understanding of the environment and the importance of sustainable living but today was theirs, with a marquee pitched on the lawn and the house overtaken in preparation for the day ahead.

This was my first time shooting among rooms full of bunk beds and it was a completely different way of shooting the prep and fun too.

It’s the little things that stick with me and I knew I was going to have a good day when as soon as I arrived, Kathryns dad welcomed me in and someone shoved a large buttery piece of toast in my hand. That one kind gesture told me exactly the type of day I was going to have. And I wasn’t wrong.

Gorsefield Rural Studies Centre Wedding

The ceremony was down the road at the council offices and to get there the girls travelled in the family car, affectionately called ‘The Happy Hearse’ while I was in the ceremony area awaiting their arrival along with Rhys and all the guests.

It was a very emotional walk down the aisle, both Kathryn and her dad were excited, Kathryn so much so she held back for a minute as it seemed to be too much so her dad stole the opportunity and dived in for the first hug which was hilarious.

After, we all went back to Gorsefield where the afternoon unfolded. The lovely thing abot the rural studies centre is that there are allotments, polytunnels, orchards and lots of opportunities for photos without going too far.

That being said, during dinner I explored a bit further and was absolutely blown away with a sea of pink flowers and another field of yellow ones. We returned to them at sunset too.

Gorsefield Rural Studies Centre Wedding

I loved that they had their band and dancing outside on the grass and it worked really well. Something I wish I’d see more of at weddings. As the evening wore on things got progressively louder and they never really stopped dancing. I was there until nearly the end and at 11pm+ they were still going!

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St Barts Brewery Wedding

St Bart’s Brewery
Harriet & Steve

London Wedding at Mai MaisonHere is Harriet and Steve’s winter wedding from March. I knoi, I know March was 7 months ago I know but the thing is….it’s been a bit of a busy year this one. By the time I was ready to blog this I was full on into the wedding season.

Now though, the weather and the light is about the same so I guess I can show and tell this lovely couple with you.

I started their day at Malmaison in Smithfield. This is a pretty hotel with lots of neat decor everywhere. Harriet was getting ready in one of the suites and due to it’s proximity to their reception venue (St Barts Brewery) I was able to go back and forth for photos. I did fall a little bit in love with the old fashioned tungsten bulbs they had in the suite. You know, the ones with the glowing elements rather than the bright as the sun types.

Their guests were all congregating downstairs in the lobby of Malmaison ready to take a couple of routemasters to St John’s church in Hampstead where Steve was patiently waiting.

London Wedding at Mai MaisonThe first bus took the majority of the guests. The second one was taking us. But before then Harriet’s Dad had to come and get her, brolly in hand before they walked downstairs to the bus.

St John’s in Hampstead is beautiful. I loved the arches in the roof and the sense of space all around, the walk up to the doors is nice too. It was immensely helpful that I was able to move around a considerate amount in order to get the photos I needed to – the aisle Harriet walked down was lovely and long too.

After the ceremony a VERY happy Harriet and Steve walked out into their confetti and onwards to the buses where champagne was served for the return journey to St Barts Brewery.

London Wedding at Mai MaisonOnce back, we did some family photos in the shelter of Smithfield Market and headed off for Harriet and Steve’s couple shots.

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Andaz Hotel Wedding in London

Andaz Hotel London Wedding
Elaine & Simon

Andaz Hotel Wedding Photography in the Masonic Temple

Elaine and Simon’s wedding in early October was the first time I’d been to the Andaz Hotel in London and what an epic wedding this was.This sprawling boutique hotel is full of subtle lighting and shiny surfaces which proved exceptionally useful for photos throughout the day.


I started off upstairs in the deluxe suite with Elaine, her mum and bridesmaids and after a short time I went downstairs to the gym area when Simon and the guys were getting ready. The gym was a great area to shoot in, you might not think it but the different textures and contrast really helped me to frame the photos before going back to the girls to finish up their prep shots.

Their ceremony was in the Fenchurch room and after the ceremony they exited to a wall of confetti from the guests with their reception drinks being held in the Masonic Temple.

Before they went there though I wanted to make use of the space so for five minutes set up a cool group shot (see above) as well as some photos of just Elaine and Simon using the ceiling above as well as the steps into the temple.

Andaz Hotel Wedding Photography

We then caught a cab to the Royal Exchange which took about five minutes and surprisingly there wasn’t a soul to be seen. It was completely still. Usually the Royal Exchange is a buzz of tourists but on this occassion there wasn’t anyone around so we absolutely made the most of the opportunity.

When we returned dinner was due to be served in the 1901 room. This space worked really well with one half being set for dinner, the other for the dancefloor and DJ. Elaine and Simon do win the best cake / sweet table of the year, it was so pretty to look at and the cake beng surrounded by a wall of white chocolate on each tier was pretty special too!

Before dinner there was the tea ceremony where gifts and regards were given, then dinner and speeches followed.

Elaine and Simon had some post wedding games before their dance. Their master of ceremonies helped to orchestrate these involving such things a ‘Can you identify each other by touch’ – ‘Can you kick an egg in a straight line with a tiny shoe on the end of a string’ and ‘Can you trace an egg from one trouser leg to the other’!

Andaz Hotel Wedding Photography

When it came to the first dance I wasn’t fully aware of what was going to happen. As in a top secret nobody told me full on flash mob with Simon and his groomsmen. It started off as a completely normal first dance, slow and steady, then the confetti went off and we thought that was it. But what actually happened was Elaine got led to a chair and a good 5 minutes of spinning, backflips, electric slides and blow up dolls took over.

The whole thing was amazing to be a part of, although I spent a lot of time thinking OMG OMG OMG to try and anticipate the next shot so I could nail it. Ha.

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COuples engagement shoot in the Cotswolds

Two days in the Cotswolds
Ye Vonn & Nicholas

Cotswold Couple Shoot

Normally when I’m asked for a couples shoot they last 1-2 hours but with Ye Vonn and Nicholas their shoot was a 10 hours across two days sort of affair.

They are from and are getting married in Malaysia but beforedoing so they wanted to have some photos in the UK, namely in the cotswold area.

We started off the day before at Buckland Manor, Broadway where we made the most of the grounds and beautiful sunset. The next day we headed off to Cotswold Lavender where you can get permission to shoot amongst the gorgeous Lavender fields. We were lucky in that a week later it was going to be harvested.

We also stopped by some of the local landmarks at every opportunity and grabbed photos there as well before ending off in a village nearby to capture the spirit of the buildings.

This was a massive shoot compared to those I normally do, with make up and costume changes. There was so many photos at the end of it.

Here are a selection of my favourites from the day:

Cotswold Couple Shoot

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Swallows Nest Barn

Swallows Nest Barn
Jen & Tim

Swallows Nest Barn WeddingSometimes when I’m asked to shoot a wedding there are so many miles between us that the only realistic way to meet is via an online meeting application like Skype. It’s no replacement for a true face to face though and a bit like how some people don’t like leaving answerphone messages the whole experience can be a bit awkward. I still struggle but so long as I have a good connection Skype isn’t that bad. I find Facetime really unpleasant experience though, I had a meet with a couple in New Zealand via Facetime and it was like being in the 90’s again with a seven second delay.

With Jen and Tim I didn’t see them in person until the wedding day itself so I didn’t quite know what to expect but often the nervous anticipation can actually help me to do a really great job, almost as if it focuses me more.

Jen got ready at her parents and during makeup, Dad was in the garden watering the plants. A common morning past time for Dads to do on the morning of a wedding.

The whole wedding was taking place at the Swallows Nest Barn in Sherbourne, Warwickshire. Their wedding was on the last weekend of May (I love May weddings) and the weather was gorgeous.

Swallows Next Barn WeddingInside the Barn it’s split into two distinct areas, the ceremony area that’s turned around for dinner and then a glass fronted reception and dancefloor area. There was around 100 guests seated and waiting alongside Tim for Jen to arrive and after a lovely walk down the aisle they said their ‘I do’s’ and we went outside for some drinks, Fuzzball and Table Tennis.

While their guests were entertaining themselves we headed off to make use of the grounds.

So here is the big strength of Swallows Nest Barn, the grounds. You can leave the main area and use it for photos. At this time of year we struck gold. There was the rapeseed field, the walk to the stream, the log nestled in amongst the buttercups, the standing in the stream and the white blossom still in the trees by the bridge. I’ve already said I love May right?

It helped that I had such a lively couple, warm and open but also comfortable in their own company and not afraid to show it. I usually get the best from couples regardless but these two were effortless (and didn’t mind getting their feet wet)!

Swallows Next Barn WeddingOn the way back to everyone we stopped in another field with some young green corn growing. After we used the manacured garden area for the more traditional formal photos. Dinner came next and their guests not only had a sweepstake placed on the length of their speeches but also had adopted the US style tapping of their wine glasses to encourage the couple to kiss.

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Northbrook Park Wedding Photography

Northbrook Park
Natalie & Graham

Northbrook Park Wedding Photography

Northbrook Park was Natalie and Grahams choice of venue for their wedding in late October. They all got ready in the mews adjoining the Orangery and Natalie was in the perfect spot for photos with light streaming through the French doors during makeup. I spent a little while between there and outside shooting details then, just after Natalie had opened her gift from Graham, I went to see the guys for their prep photos.

Their choice of colours was perfect. The flowers were a mix of pale pinks through to warm oranges and this contrasted with the red ties and grey suits of the Groomsmen. I also loved Natalie’s dress, it had a pastel pink colour underneath white detailing complete with a bow on the back, one of the prettiest dresses I’d seen all year!

Northbrook Park Jewish Wedding

This was a Jewish fusion wedding, so their ceremony was made up of a civil ceremony followed by a Jewish one afterwards. The vine room where the ceremony took place was decorated nicer than I’ve ever seen before. I’ve been the photographer to a good few Northbrook Park weddings but I’ve not seen as much detail go into a wedding there as I did with Natalie and Grahams one.

After Graham had smashed the glass we left the Vine room for confetti and a large group shot (which worked really well using the gravel drive side) before heading off for some smaller family formals and couple shots.

The awesome décor continued into the Orangery with each table full and completely covered with scrabble tiles for place holders, moss around the base of the centre pieces, party games and quizzes for the guests. Their table plan was music based with each table named after a musical track important to them.

Northbrook Park Wedding Photography

Before dinner started the guests welcomed them onto the floor and Israeli dancing commenced with everyone going crazy and moving at speed. This didn’t really stop until after 15 minutes or so before dinner started only to pick up again after the speeches. People lost their minds with the dancing getting crazier and in some places, downright dangerous!

Special mention goes to the layout of the Orangery this time around at Northbrook Park. Having the dance floor centralised was a stroke of genius and worked really well. With the DJ booth being slightly offset from the top table it made things much more cosy and intimate. The strings of Festoon lights really added to the ambience too.

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Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

Manor by the Lake
Megan & Peter

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

This is Megan and Peter’s wedding at the Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham.

Everything took place here, with the girls getting ready upstairs in the bridal suite with the guys downstairs in an area which had it’s own pool and football tables, jukebox and an honesty bar. So they were kept happy!

If you were to suddenly appear at this venue you’d think you were way out in the sticks away from everything but the reality is, you’re right on the fringes of the city with the motorway being 5 minutes away. It didn’t change the idillic setting though and you were surrounded by acres of grounds to enjoy as well as having the convenience of being easy to get to.

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

We could see the guests arriving from the balcony and they made their way to the end of the path where the ceremony was going to take place outside by the gazebo.

Once dressed, Megan’s mum walked her down the long path leading her to Peter. You’ll see further along this post how pretty the aisle was and I loved the relaxed metal arches that designated the aisle. It really added to the ceremony.

After, we went for confetti outside the main entrance to the house with drinks in the gorgeous gardens there and I spent some time with everyone for their photos.

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

I loved the gardens here, there was pretty everywhere and especially at the end of July, the summer heat hadn’t affected the flowers at all.

The main dining area in the adjoining building was a perfect space for their dinner, the fairy lighting really added to the atmosphere and assisted in adding to the photography. After speeches we dissappeared back into the main house to utilise the rock and roll room as well as the hallways running to it.

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