Brookfield Barn
Lauren & Tim

Here’s Lauren and Tim’s late August wedding at Brookfield Barn in West Sussex. It was a wonderful outdoor ceremony with fair weather. They were both so excited and looking forward to the wedding in the months leading up to it and Lauren was applauded down the aisle!

After dinner, we took some time out to visit the bridge and grounds around Brookfield Barn for so more photos before heading back inside for the first dance.

Here’s some more of their day:

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Cripps Barn and a Rodeo Sheep
Ceri & Alex

I love loonies. There are crazy people everywhere, but I’m specifically focusing on loonies with this post.

Ceri and Alex’s wedding at Cripps Barn was a high energy, rodeo riding, table dancing, ‘where’s my other camera – oh, the bridesmaid has it’, Welsh contingent filled, three cake festival of happy.

From the word go I was embraced by this lot, everyone was out to have fun and it was non-stop all day. The rodeo sheep after dinner was a surprise for most and everyone had a go, even me!

Then as the evening developed Nan managed to find her way on to a table for a quick boogie with Ceri.

There are lots more photos below and they tell their story much better than I can, take a look…!

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Elmbridge Farm
Sarah & Jack

If you’re looking for a wonderful tipi wedding venue, with accommodation (and you happen to be looking for it in Worcester) then the exclusive Elmbridge Farm is the place to be.

In August I was there for Sarah and Jack’s wedding. Elmbridge Farm had everything, the guys and girls were able to get ready in the rooms a short walk away from the ceremony area (which on this occasion was outside) and the tipi was a bridge crossing away from there.

You can go anywhere at Elmbridge, with lots of unspoiled grounds and woodland to venture into for photos. There was such a cool, laid back feel (the free bar helped) and everything ran in its own time.

Here is more of their day:

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Bassmead Manor Barns
Zara & Paul

Remember that once in a hundred years heatwave we had in February? Well, it turns out Zara and Paul had impeccable timing in planning their wedding day to fall right in the middle of it.

They were married at Bassmead Manor Barns near Cambridge with everything taking place there.

I’d not been there for a few years and still remember it as the Rickety Barns that used to consist of the ceremony barn and a marquee. Now though it’s had a full refit and refurbishment complete with new buildings to cater for all and any who choose to get married there. It’s completely different now!

Here are some more photos from their day:

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East Quay Wedding Venue
Rebecca & Andy

Summertime beach weddings are always fun to shoot so when Beccy and Andy asked me to shot their wedding at Easy Quay on the Kent coast I was really looking forward to it.

It was the first week of August and the hazy summer skies helped set a perfect backdrop for their day.

Beccy used the nearby Hotel Continental for her prep while Andy was with the guys at the Fishermans Huts a short walk away. Fish and Chips was the order of the day, along with an Oyster bar during the reception.

Beach weddings give a huge amount of choice when looking for places to shoot, boats, beach huts and backgrounds are all there to help set a scene!

Here are some more photos from their day:

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The Ashes Barn Staffordshire
Bethaney & Chris

The Ashes Barn in Staffordshire is one of those lovely and welcoming wedding venues that suits a relaxed, fun and informal vibe perfectly and this was perfect for Bethaney and Chris’ wedding in September.

There were lots of places to kick back and enjoy the day. At one end we had the high ground overlooking the landscape with the cosy, cobbled reception area at the other.

This was a rustic, homemade wedding with personal touches everywhere.

Here are some more images from their day x

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Southend Barns
Amy & Karl

Feeling cold? Here’s Amy and Karl’s wedding from the end of May to warm you up! Their wedding at Southend Barns was a non-stop party from beginning to end.

They had an outdoor ceremony with the most spectacular flowers to compliment it with the star of the show being their dog, Brian who led them out after.

This was also a scene of bouquet toss carnage with a level of aggression I’ve not seen at a wedding. Thanks in part, to bridesmaid Rachel. Nice one Rach.

Amy and Karl rocked out to  Ant and Dec’s classic ‘Let’s get ready to Rumble’ before heading out for some early evening photos. I had such an awesome time, I’ve lots of fond memories!

Here’s some more images from their day:

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Templars Wedding Barn
Kerry & Max

Kerry and Max’s wedding was a high energy rock and roll affair held at Templars wedding barn in Hungerford, but it didn’t start there!

First off prep was at the Pheasant Inn, then we headed to Shaw House for the ceremony before arriving at Templars Barn for a blessing.

Max is the lead guitarist for a well-known artist and as such he was playing the guitar in the evening with Kerry singing along with her bridesmaids. This was a heavily musical evening with people taking turns to play, sing and dance to whoever was on at the time with the party still kicking when I left.

Here are some more images from their day:

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