The Old Sorting Office, London
Jess & Ali

If you cast your mind back to last Summer you’ll remember it was uh, a bit of a washout. I’m in my tenth year as a wedding photographer and up until Jess and Ali’s wedding I’d only had 1 rainy wedding!

Last summer I think I had about 7 rain filled weddings across July and August but if you’re worried about rain on your big day, Jess & Ali’s one is a shining example of why you shouldn’t let it play on your mind.

Everything took place in an around the Barnes area of London. With Jess and Ali being about 5 minutes away from each other I was able to bounce between them both before the ceremony which took place at St Mary’s Church.

We were doing ok up until the end of the ceremony when the heavens really did open but it didn’t dent anyone’s spirits. It’s not often you get a confetti throw involving brollies and it’s not often you follow an old orleans brass band 300 metres to the reception venue…in the pouring rain!

But here’s the thing. You can’t do anything about the weather and depending on who you are and what your outlook on life is you can fight it and lose or accept it’s a part of your day. Which is what everyone did.

In some ways it was the glue that helped hold things together. We were all sharing the experience and enjoying it. Jess and Ali’s reception venue was the Old Sorting Office (OSO Arts Centre). A social space with a large main room and side reception right in the middle of Barnes Green.

They had gazebo’s outside where there was ample room to shelter from the rain and because of the trees, we were able to do all the family stuff and couple shots without getting rained on (too much).

In the evening the rain did a major pullback and we were able to venture out for some more pictures and the rest of the evening kicked off spectacularly with their friends Tom and Ruben hitting the decks.

I stayed right until the end for this one, pretty much everyone was smashed, Jess threw her bouquet at the end of their exit line and I made my way home for some much needed zzzz’s after 🙂

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Southend Barns, Sussex
Hatty and Karen

On the blog today is Hatty and Karen’s wedding at Southend Barns in West Sussex. I’m typing this on a cold and rainy January day, my Westie is asleep on my lap meaning I’m in the most awkward typing position right now. Honestly, I’m TYping Liike THIss EVery timE He moves.

I first met Hatty and Karen a couple of years ago in London to talk about their day and we made sure to keep in contact leading up to the wedding itself. They were both equally excited about the whole thing, their stream of updates was great to follow and I was really looking forward to their wedding.

For prep, Karen got ready at The Blacksmith’s about 5 minutes away while Hatty used the suite at Southend Barns before all their guests arrived. It was great to be able to fly between them both and tell their story from the very start.

Once Karen arrived they had their first look in the gardens before taking turns in walking down the aisle and saying their I do’s in an emotionally charged ceremony and it really felt like everyone there was getting married too. It was as if we were all together as one.

We then ventured outside for photos and the reception went into full swing. We headed out the front to the fields and found a meadow of yellow flowers which, as it was a blustery day, added a sense of movement to their pictures. They were so chilled it was as if I wasn’t even there with the camera!

Southend Barns, as always, looked beautiful that day, the lights above the tables and the intricate attention to detail they had put into things really paid off. The weather was well behaved most of the day and even though it rained that night, it kept everyone in and on the dancefloor. Good times.

This was a special wedding for me in that I’m a firm believer that love is equal across all. It knows no boundaries, fears nothing and really does win through. Hatty and Karen’s wedding was one I’d looked forward to for months and afterwards, became one of the best weddings of the year for me.

We’re still in touch and long may we be…and long may I have more days like this.

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Vella, Switzerland
Victoria & Fabian

It’s always a special treat to shoot someone’s wedding outside of the UK. A new world of colour awaits and the scenery is both inspiring and challenging.

Victoria and Fabian’s wedding was in Fabian’s home town of Vella and I decided to do the 11 hour drive from Sussex down through France so I could enjoy the scenery as I went. I arrived a few days early too so I could explore!

I had this vision of blue skies, cows and rivers of chocolate but the first couple of days were really overcast and misty. When you’re in the mountains certain areas have microclimates and I was worried about the weather for their wedding. I couldn’t see more than 100 metres in front of me at certain points!

Thankfully though, come Saturday the weather had cleared up and I headed in to Ilanz where VIctoria and her bridesmaids were getting their hair and makeup done before heading back to Vella to get ready.

It was really nice to be able to bounce between Victoria and Fabian during prep. Vella is a small village and you can drive through the middle of it in minutes.

Once Victoria was ready I scooted over to Pleif Church where everyone was waiting and the service began .Afterwards there was a surprise sunflower arch waiting for them to walk through before the more formal family photos took place.

Coming up was the important bit. Victoria and Fabian wanted to capture the surroundings in their photos so I’d done a lot of pre wedding research about how to nail this part of the day.

It’s hard to appreciate the absolutely massive scale of your surroundings in a visual sense realtive to two humans in front of you. Big mountain range + tiny people. Getting the two to work together visually is tricky but we nailed it. We did almost lose Victoria down the mountain at one point and I almost passed out because even though I can run around perfectly ok at a wedding in the UK with the bouquet, a load of kit and other things… I assumed it would be the same here.

But at 1.2 kilometres above sea level there’s a distinct lack of oxygen and I hadn’t been there long enough to acclimatise. Doh!

We went into the old part of town as well as the fields for the more epic shots and then headed over to the Hotel Restaurant Central in Obersaxen.

I arrived there a fair bit in advance so waited outside for them to arrive, Victoria and Fabian were in a London Black cab with all the other guests arriving by bus. I first knew they were arriving as you could hear the horns tooting from around the corner!

We spent the rest of the day there, with some Chinese lanterns in the evening and dancing until around 4am. (I hit the hay at 3am, it was getting messy)!

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Wild Garden, The Hyde Estate, Sussex
Isolde & Alex

At the beginning of July this year I was catapulted into Izzy and Alex’s world. They were married at Worth Abbey in Sussex before heading to the Wild Park on the Hyde Estate in Handcross.

I was welcomed at the family home with everyone busy in one way or another before leaving for Worth Abbey.

If you’ve never been to the Abbey before it’s a huge cylindrical space, a bit sci-fi in its design and as such, swallows you up nicely. We had the ceremony, readings and a group photo of everyone outside before heading to the Hyde Estate.

It’s rare that I’ve seen a venue quite like this. Their four hatted tipi sat nicely on the riverbank, shrouded by tall trees making us feel cosy and in one place. But beyond this space there were many others, we went over the bridge to the garden for photos, there was woodland within easy reach for later and even for the family stuff we had the backdrop of the river within a few feet of the tipi.

One of the most standout things which made today so special was the genuinely sweet people there. The happiness of today was a beautiful thing and Issy and Alex were so funny it was infectious (without the rash).

Carefree ruled the day, we lost the bottom of the wedding dress due to a misplaced foot while on the swing and it was laughed off, the dress suffered a red wine incident, meh, who cares – and so on. It was a day when everyone was out to enjoy themselves and nothing was going to get in their way.

In the evening the floor went crazy, we caught the twilight for some extra photos and after 11 we had a silent disco until the early hours.

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Cripps Barn, Cirencester
Laura & David

It was great to be back at Cripps Barn this August for Laura and Dave’s wedding. From the word go the whole day was an absolute scream to be a part of, with most of their guests (as well as themselves) being from the Wirral there was a massive sense of love and community throughout the day.

Despite this Summer’s weather being more unpredictable than I’ve ever known it we were all safe this weekend!

Laura and Dave mixed up their day with a raffle for their guests after dinner along with a special ‘Brucie Bonus’, sparklers, inclusive games and what turned out to be a ‘Band of Mooners’ photo in an adjacent field.

Once the dancefloor started it never really stopped, we lost Bruce as some point but everyone who was thrown in to the air came down earth……eventually!

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Farbridge Barn, Chichester
Laura & Matthew

Hi everyone, I’m back. 2017 has been a crazy year with so many weddings that I’ve not written up any of them until now as I needed to focus on editing. I now have some free time so will be writing up this year’s awesomeness with a view to  keep you all warm this winter. Stay tuned, but with added brrr.

Laura and Matt’s wedding in early April (I said it had been a while) at Farbridge Barns was a thoughtfully planned, colourful and detailed day. I started at Laura’s parents and was lucky to have lots of space and light to work with while Matt and the guys were getting ready at Farbridge itself. I’ll not forget how awesome Dad’s playlist was in every room as I worked, or the free cake and the company of Laura’s family dog as well as, to some extent, the goldfish. Who I named Nigel.

As soon as Laura was in her dress I made like a crazy person over to Farbridge where the final touches were being put into place and there we waited for Laura’s arrival in a VW Beetle and everyone else via Camper.

I’ve always loved the light and styling in the Farbridge ceremony area and with Laura and Matt’s additional decor it set the stage for a pretty special chain of moments that led to their first kiss as a married couple.

Confetti followed as did photos outside in a ‘it just happened to be there’ rapeseed field which injected some bursts of colour into the background.

Good times.

After dinner we had a little bit more photo time, the bouquet went into orbit and we all got ready for their first dance.

The level of detail at their wedding was immense, it complimented

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Villa Negri Wedding Photography Italy

The Villa Negri, Italy
Giulia & Elia’s Italian Villa Wedding

Destination Wedding Photographer

Wedding at the Villa Negri, Italy – Giulia and Elia

There are certain weddings that go above and beyond what I expected on the day. Often in part it’s down to the sheer difference of the location, the colour, the light as well as the people themselves that make a wedding new to me all over again. Giulia and Elia’s wedding is one such example.

Mainly I shoot weddings in the UK and this is a massive safety net for me, I know what to expect, the language, the format and it’s a simple case of driving along the motorway to your destination. This time though it’s Heathrow, a flight, hotel, new language, location and temperature to consider too.

As a rule, I’ll head to an overseas wedding a day or two in advance as it gives me the chance to view the venues, see the couple and be in a good place before the crazy starts!

Awesome bridal dress photo during an Italian wedding

On arrival at Malpensa airport I drove to my hotel and met Giulia and Elia who after hugs, showed me the venues involved. Giulia was going to get ready at the Locanda Lugagnano. It’s a very old house and inside there was so so so much colour and directional light to work with. Then we headed to the wedding venue which was the Villa Negri.

Set along a large fast flowing river this gorgeous villa was covered in Jasmine which smelled divine, was colourful and beautiful. The gardens particularly were going to be perfect for me to work in – shade was available when needed and the decor in all the rooms was really well considered too.

Elia was going to get ready there as well so I was able to cover both sides as both locations were only 5 minutes apart.

Fun formal photos at an italian wedding

Before the wedding though, they invited me to dinner at a restaurant called Il Fienile Dei Monaci with some of their close friends who helped me understand the menu and avoid the calamari. It was around this point that I was convinced this wedding was going to be a new type of experience for me. I was getting more emotionally invested with each passing hour. I do with most weddings but I normally get there around halfway through the day and not so early on.

Or it could be the Aperitife’s they were throwing my way. (Which apparently are good for digestion but I think they just got me drunk).

Because of the heat in Italy (this was the first week of June) early ceremonies are a great idea. But it means an early start. With an 11.30 ceremony I was at Giulia’s door for 8.30, camera in hand and ready to rock. I still treated the day as normal in the way that I shoot but there was so much more colour and points of interest that I would usally find. Although it’s easy to sell this as when something is new it has more ‘value’. I was bowled over by the yellow buildings outside, the weather blue storm protectors on the windows, the terracotta and the way the light bounced off it.

Around 10am I headed off to see Elia and his guys getting ready. His best Man Michele was helping him and also not helping him by playing dramatic music off his iphone. I’ll be honest in that this turned into a comedy act when everyone arrived with lots of emotions running free.

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Elmore Court Wedding Photography

Elmore Court
Sophie & Adam

I’ve been itching to cover a wedding at Elmore Court for years and while I shoot a lot of weddings in the west country Elmore court had escaped me…until this May.

I started the day with Sophie in Quedgeley before heading off to see Adam and the guests at the Rose & Crown – with the view to follow the boys down to Nympsfield Church. Once at the church I was really impressed, it’s a typically classic english church, with a nice long walk down to the entrance and a semi isolated setting. A pretty place to be!

Once Sophie arrived with her dad, the ceremony started and after they had some down time with their guests. Then we went to leave for Elmore Court, but first, we had a bit of tradition to cover. The Lynch Gate was tied and we had to bribe the children on the other sided to be freed.

This was a new one on me, so I did some digging and the origin and ‘purpose’ of the custom, relates, from the groom’s point of view in that he has to pay ‘bride-price’ to the bride’s family, for taking their daughter away (as they were bound to hand her over with a dowry), this is a ‘final payment’ demanded by the children of the village, for losing a ‘sister’.

So there you go, smarter every day.

The church was nice but I was totally spoilt once at Elmore. Sophie and Adam couldn’t of timed their wedding date better. Everything was in full bloom, there were bluebells and the grass was freshly grown and long with masses of cow parsley to hide amongst.

Once they’d had some time with their guests we went off to these spaces for photos and I got spooked a couple of times as there were pheasants sitting in the field. I was taking the lead and every now and again one would sqwauk and flie out. Much to everyones amusement. Ha.

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Cripps Barn Wedding Photography

St Peter’s Church Cirencester & Cripps Barn
Karina & Joe

Cripps Barn Wedding

Karina and Joe’s wedding at Cripps Barn in September was just a lovely wedding to shoot.

I had everything I needed, they both got ready next door to each other so I could cover everyone equall, inside the church the vicar was super cool and I had absolute free reign to go anywhere (and that means a lot), their reception was at Cripps Barn and it’s just gorgeous there and the dancefloor was packed all night.

What’s not to love?

What I will add is that all this meant nothing without these two and the way they were. I felt totally and utterly connected to this wedding as if I’d known them for years and I felt as equally wrapped up in the wedding as the guests were.

Sure, I connect with every couple, it’s almost as important to have that ability as it is to take photos. But every now and again you get something more out of the day and even now, looking back, I’m still romancing this particular wedding.

I just can’t explain it.

We had a lot of opportunities for photos as the weather was just so nice but it’s to be expected of September and in the evening the full moon was out for us too.

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