South Place Hotel and The Blueprint Cafe, London
Susanne & Fabien

London weddings are often fun but can sometimes be a logistical nightmare when you have some lighting and a set of backup equipment to keep handy ‘just in case’.
Fortunately, with their reception being at the Blueprint Cafe, there were plenty of parking spaces 2 minutes away…which is perfect. Although I was starting with prep and the ceremony at South Place Hotel on the other side of the river!

This wasn’t too much of an issue thanks to Uber and I travelled with everyone on the trip back. It worked really well for me and I found lots of cool places to take photos, even a white wall (as above) is sometimes all you need!

Here’s some more images from their day:

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Cripps Barn
Jess & Gary

Mid-October weddings can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather. Jess and Gary’s wedding at Cripps Barn was lovely although last year around this date I was there for another wedding with which it was so windy that we lost a veil to the wind as it flew 30 metres away from us, 4 years ago around the same time we had a 28 degree heatwave!

It’s a gamble but one that usually pays off due to the lovely colours all around us.

Jess and Gary’s wedding was a great example of this, we caught the weather perfectly, the trees were all ready to drop and they mostly had all their leaves in place. Good times.

Here’s some more images from the day:

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The Andaz Hotel
Jonathan & Stuart

How couples find and book me has always been of interest. I don’t really advertise, so mostly my bookings come via referrals from previous weddings (and that’s the biggest compliment I can get). With Jonathan and Stuart they found me through a blog post I wrote several years back about cameras. They contacted me and the rest is history.

Stuart is a Scotsman living in the USA with Jonathan and they both flew over for their wedding at the Andaz Hotel in London.

The flow of the day was different from the standard running order. There was the usual prep but then we went in for a reveal / first look before heading out to the Royal Exchange for photos pre-ceremony. This worked really well as doing so meant more time with their guests during the reception.

We also made good use of the Masonic Temple for a cool wedding party photo before dinner and the dancing that followed. The Andaz has beautiful decor in the bars and reception, it’s ever-changing and even at night offered up some excellent backdrops and colours for photos in the evening.

Here are some more images from their day:

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Elmore Court
Katie & Stephen

It was great to be back at Elmore Court this August. It’s one of those venues I always feel there more to do and explore….there’s just so much there to shoot that I always get something fresh each time.

Katie and Stephen’s wedding was the reason for my return this time around and it was my first time covering both sides of prep in the main house.

The weather was fair all day, picture perfect in fact and we didn’t have to go too far for group shots and photos of them both.

Here are some more images from their day….

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Hunstsham Court
Amy & Rich

Today I’m here to show you Amy and Rich’s wedding at Huntsham Court in Devon.

Grand buildings like this are always somewhat imposing, spacious and lend a sense of authenticity to the area they’re located in, when I pulled up to start I felt I was in the middle of nowhere…because I was!

This was a cosy mid-October do, everyone was in good, chilled spirits and this was a big contrast to the dancefloor later on where people lost their minds 🙂

Here’s some more from their day:

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Southend Barns
Jess & Nathan

Rufus. The. Schnoodle.
I absolutely love dogs. Roggies, Floofs, Boopers and best friends. The unconditional love of a pupper can’t be beat so when I shot Jess and Nathans wedding I was besotted by him. I mean just look…….

I was at Southend Barns for their wedding in August and I had the best time. They chose to have their wedding inside the Milking Barn as it was a very hot day and it took the edge off nicely. This was a great time of year at Southend Barns, everything is at its peak and there are lots of places to go and enjoy for photos. The sun is starting to set earlier too, great for sunset shots after dinner.

Although when we did it this time around everything was great until they walked in to a group of flying ants….and yes, I did keep shooting!

See those and other photos from their day below! x

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The Tithe Barn, Petersfield
Steph & Dave

There’s something about a barn wedding in October. For Steph and Dave’s wedding, I was at the Tithe Barn in Petersfield.

I was super surprised when I saw how big it was inside, the roof beams soar really high and give an enormous sense of space.

This was a day of falling leave, fair weather and beer pong. I had a lot of fun and even though I’m familiar with a lot of Barn wedding venues, the Tithe Barn in Petersfield was definitely a unique one for me.

Here’s some more photos from the day:

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The Priory Barn Little Wymondley
Rebecca & Pete

On Rebecca and Pete’s wedding day we had the most unpredictable weather. It was sunny to start, then it rained so hard during the ceremony (St Mary’s in Meppershall) that we went to do group photos inside (only for the sun to pop right out again) and at The Priory Barn the rain had a rather dramatic effect on the large group photo (you’ll see what I mean further down).

Suffice to say, the changeability kept everyone pin-sharp and on their toes but it didn’t get in the way of a great time. The Priory Barn arn was big enough to swallow everyone up and protect them from the elements. Later on in the day, we got some amazing payback with their evening photos near twilight.

They went straight from their first dance headlong into a Kayleigh where everyone got involved and it secured a wonderful end to the day.

Here’s some more from their wedding:

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Stephanie & Chris

Steph and Chris’ early June wedding was a lot of fun to shoot. Chris is a Farrier so as horses are his thing there were Equine related touches throughout the day.

They were married at Farbridge and as both sides of the wedding were getting ready there I was able to capture both sides pre-ceremony quite nicely.

I loved the Gin station that was set up outside for the drinks reception, something so simple that added a fun point of interest for everyone and the weather was lovely all day, that perfect amount of haze in the sky really helped keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

Here’s some more images from their summer wedding at Farbridge:

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