Firle Place Weddings

A Firle Place Wedding with Wedding Olympics
Ruth & Matt

Firle Place WeddingFirle Place

The Firle Estate near Lewes was the destination for Ruth and Matt on their wedding day this May.

Firle itself is a small town complete with church and a large estate all within cosy distance of each other.

Ruth and Matt used the stables for their wedding reception and 250 guests…this was a big military wedding with an elegant theme throughout.

The whole day went off without a hitch and the weather was exceptionally good to us. After the ceremony Ruth was place in a wheelbarrow and wheeled away from the church but the barrow had a flat and so the solution was for Matt to call on his Navy friends to carry Ruth instead!

Firle Place WeddingThe wedding reception followed on the grounds of Firle Place…which are huge.

Loads of places for photos are available here, weeping willows, long grasses and a croquet lawn to entertain guests with and everything is in one place (the guests arrived by a double decker bus).

After dinner things went off the track a little if I’m honest… we had a Wedding Sports day!

There was three games in total. The first being where 4 or 5 victims, ah, volunteers had to hold a pole to their chins, look at the top of the pole and spin around for ten seconds and run towards a tree.

Firle Place WeddingBearing in mind by this point there’d been the reception drinks, wine during the wedding breakfast and then the toasting during the speeches and well…

Next up was an egg and spoon race.

Lastly a competition where groups of two had to balance an apple between their foreheads and do various steps and jumps on command without losing their apple.

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Greek Orthodox Wedding

A Slightly Unorthodox Greek Orthodox Wedding
Paula & Harry

I photograph a lot of weddings, lots…. but every now and again something a bit off the wall, a bit new, a little…unusual comes along…meet Paula and Harry.

Now quite honestly I don’t know where to begin but one thing I’m sure of is I won’t forget this one in a hurry!

Harry knew Paula was going to dye her hair for the wedding but he wasn’t aware which colour but Pink was the theme. There was a Pink Porsche Carrera as a wedding car too and Paula hand made all the bouquets.

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Bassmead Manor Barn Wedding

Bassmead Manor Barn
Kate & Andy

September the 17th last year was the wonderful wedding of Kate and Andy in Cambridge.

This was an all day event for me, starting at the home of Kate’s parents and then moving onto The Registry office in Ely (The Old School House in Market Street).

Since booking me they found out that they were expecting!

Because of this Kate wore flat shoes and she said they might not be worth using for photos as they were a bit boring,…. sure thing…..

The weather on the day was really changeable, that sunny but ‘could really chuck it down any time’ sort of weather!

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Shoreditch House Wedding

Shoreditch House Wedding Photography
Claire & Jeff

Wedding at Shoreditch HouseThis was my first time at Shoreditch House in London and I was there to cover the wedding of Claire and Jeff from LA.

Most of my enquiries come from the UK but Jeff is a Columnist, Journalist and Author based in Los Angeles so it was great to know my work has that kind of reach!

The date of the wedding was the 30th of December, early in the evening. It was challenging to work so late in the dark but …. I’m ready.

Shoreditch House WeddingFor weddings the level is split into two rooms. The Biscuit Pin and Biscuit Tin. The former being a two lane bowling alley with a bar attached and the latter being the main area for the ceremony, dinner, speeches and dancing. This also has a large bar inside.

There is hidden value in the surroundings here. You’ll find a wealth of artistic Graffiti on the outside of the building and up the street… it’s everywhere.

Shoreditch House is a great venue, they even have a pool on the roof with a view of the London Skyline (members only). It’s very chic and oozes class. When I was there is was really well run, everyone was attentive and polite and really made an effort with the guests. There is parking all around and for those that want to use their sat nav, the Shoreditch House postcode is E1 6AW.

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Wharf Teddington Wedding

The Wharf Teddington
Jo & Gary

wharfteddington-15bJo and Gary:

We’re heading back to June for Jo and Gary’s wedding which consisted of Richmond Registry Office and The Wharf Teddington. There were lots of vintage touches throughout the day starting with Jo’s dress which was a short 1950’s inspired number.

In the registry office the registrar was an almost spitting image of Len Goodman and he sounded the same too, which was a giggle.

wharfteddington-1bAfter the ceremony we all headed off to the Wharf Restaurant in Teddington. This is a lovely venue, really well laid out, professionally run and decorated. Before the actual reception itself there was a bit of a picnic in the field next door where some friends had raised bunting and put on a spread of nibbles and champers, we also took a lot of the group shots and more detailed formal photos there.

After the picnic the reception began upstairs in the Wharf restaurant. The cake lady, ‘Cakes by Sugar’ had made a beautiful cake and lots of smaller cupcakes decorating an entire table in a vintage look.

The vintage theme continued throughout with the table decorations, flowers and small details:

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Field Place Worthing
Ellie & Conor

I did a lot of weddings in 2011 but one of my favourites was that of Ellie and Conor’s at Field Place Worthing.

A Church wedding with lots of nice, well thought out touches, good people, good light and weather all made the day what it was.

I started off at Ellie’s parents for the prep side of things and during this time I also shot off to Conor’s parents to get some quick shots of him getting ready before returning to Ellie. When couples are close in location it’s always pretty cool to get both sides of the story. If there’s distance though I’ll draft in Laura.

The church was St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Surrenden road Brighton. This is a large church which holds this years title of ‘Biggest windows in a church’. It was great, all this lovely warm midsummer light entered the church. The Vicar allowed me relatively free reign with my photography and because of this, was able to get a large number of great, diverse images.

ellie-and-conor-652-of-667Now I’m going to talk shop a little bit here with regards to cameras during the service. I often request that cameras not be used as the bride walks down the aisle and when the couple leave together.

For this reason:

Absolutely out of the park beautiful, in every way.

You see, I don’t mind cameras, I can’t be in two places at once so welcome them, but…. imagine this shot where 90% of the guests are holding a camera up to their faces? Because everyone has a camera now this is all too common and impacts an otherwise great picture.

The reception was at Field Place Worthing. Two great big barns joined together in an L shape basically. tucked into this L shape is a large flat lawn which suits Jenga, Croquet and other similar games. Inside Field Place was beautifully decorated with drapes and seats a really  large number of guests.

ellie-and-conor-29-of-667In the evening we moved to the other annex of Field Place Worthing for the dancing and buffet. This part has a large stage, wooden floor and a tabled bar area. It works really well and completes it as a venue.

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