Kensington and Chelsea Wedding

A Kensington and Chelsea Wedding
Nantia & Dino

Kensington and Chelsea Wedding
London Weddings in the Winter can end up being quite contrasty. The grit, the hustle, the sincerity of those who walk the streets can embrace you or push you away in equal measure.

You’ll never quite know what to expect until you’re there.

This was mid November, 3pm ceremony, 1pm start for me. No car and half my usual equipment made me feel positively naked. I had to travel smart. My old faithful, the 1Dx was too big and heavy for this trip as we had a lot of places to cover.

Traveling alone my destinations were The Hempel Hotel, then Lancaster Gate, Kensington and Chelsea Registry Office, the Phene in Chelsea and then a final stop at the Cheyne Walk Brasserie.

Hence my travelling light. I still had two cameras but went with the 5D3’s instead. Lens choices were the 24-70 Mkii, 100mm Macro, 50mm 1.2L and 85 1.2L.

Kensington and Chelsea WeddingPersonally, I love a Greek Wedding, such happy occasions and ‘we aren’t afraid to show it’.

Totally my cup of tea.

This was a small wedding party, around 16 guests with another 60 in the evening. Small, intimate, direct family made this distinctly personal.

Nantia’s dress was from Browns Bride, the Registrar was lovely to me and the food at the Phene in Chelsea was amazing.

On the way to Cheyne Brasserie we grabbed a photo op at the Albert Bridge whilst it was it up. Beautiful.

Kensington and Chelsea WeddingNantia and Dino made me feel exceptionally welcome, it’s not often the Groom pours you a triple Brandy followed closely with Dad shoving Charbonnel et Walker Marc De Champagne Truffles into your hands!

Once at the Brasserie the evening guests arrived and dinner began. It was a shame to leave them at this point but I hear they had a wonderful evening.

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Farbridge Wedding

Farbridge Barn
Alison & James

Farbridge WeddingFarbridge Wedding

Meet Alison and James, this fab couple tied the knot at Farbridge in Chichester this October.

The Mill Steamer in Bosham was my starting point but everything else took place at the Barn.

There were many guests at Ali and James’s wedding and the table arranged in a horseshoe worked really well. James’s mum sourced the flowers from Covent Garden flower market (and possibly the trees too…I didn’t ask about those).

Ali and James had an Oyster bar, a projector showing past images of them together and a lot of family input throughout.

Farbridge WeddingMusicians who played all day, the sword cutting the cake was a repeat of a previous family wedding and the guys playing the Harmonicas in the evening were friends too.

With family brewed Sloe Gin as an aperitif as well.

Family is always important and this wedding really showed it. Everything was personal and a bit like ‘Having it at home’

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Lancing College Chapel Wedding

A Lancing College Chapel and Great Ote Hall Wedding
Sarah & Alistair

Lancing College Chapel Wedding

Lancing College Chapel Wedding

So Sarah and Alistair, crikey, where do I begin…. a standard all dayer, just myself on this one, Sarah readied herself along with the bridesmaids and exceptionally pretty flower girls at her parents home in Shoreham of which they had a lovely garden that I took full advantage of for photos.

I was introduced to the family tortoises who kindly allowed me to stage the shot above.

It’s nice to work where there is plenty of light, when I do, images have a radiant glow to them that really is near impossible to replicate artificially and this showed in the resulting photos from the day. ‘Just right weather’ is a 1 in 10 wedding thing.

Sarah’s parents (Hello Jan and John), have had a blue Triumph Herald and a Morris 1000 in the family for years. If I remember rightly Sarah learnt to drive in one of them and these cars ended up being the wedding transport. You can’t get more personal than that and it was amusing watching John knocking the seat position back with a plank of wood!

Once ready the bridal party left to go to Lancing College Chapel – If you’ve never been there, please go, it’s a sight to behold.

Lancing College Chapel WeddingWith a lot of church weddings, chapel weddings, cathedrals etc the vicars can be well….irregular. Sometimes you can move about, others not. Sometimes you have to stay at the back and a couple of weeks back one vicar told me to:

a) stay at the back.

b) not move around and…

c) not to take any pictures, none at all as the couple had two people doing video and I ‘wasn’t needed’ – True story.

So I’ll take this opportunity to warn ALL COUPLES that I’ve heard it a hundred times before, ‘Our vicar is lovely’ – Yes they are, but, because of the amount of new faces trying their hand at wedding photography they are giving the pros a bad name and so laying down tougher rules.

That’s even if they went to school with your Dad and even with guests two rows back from the front making loads of noise with their compact cameras…

In the case with Lancing College Chapel I had to stay at the back of it. Lancing Chapel is big, HUGE in fact. so I was shooting at 400mm the whole time, handheld and that’s tricky.

Once you’ve got back up after being bowled over by the beauty of the Chapel you can enjoy a beautiful wedding ceremony…..and it is stunning there. The war memorial walk and gardens after were just perfect for photos and I managed to nail a group shot outside fitting the Chapel in too.

After the ceremony we all headed to the Great Ote Hall where Carolla the owner greeted us. This was my first time at Great Ote Hall and it’s a fab venue, the house is an excellent backdrop with a large grazed area complete with a generously sized marquee.

Lancing College Chapel WeddingAs well as the marquee, house and grounds there is an ornate pathway surrounded by a strip of gardens that are lovely to walk through and have photos.

In fact, everything on this day just clicked, the people, the weather, the way the sun crossed the sky relative to everything and the venues all worked perfectly.

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Notley Abbey Wedding

Notley Abbey
Chelsey and Paul

Notley Abbey WeddingNotley Abbey Wedding

So I guess from the image above you’ve pretty much clocked on to the fact that Chelsey and Paul’s wedding at Notley Abbey had rain.

Which it did, but only just before the ceremony at St Peter and Paul’s Church in Dinton.

Afterwards it was all glorious and the sun stayed around for the rest of the day:

So the day started at the Oxfordshire Hotel where Chelsey and the girls readied themselves before leaving for the Church.
Notley Abbey Wedding

Chelsey’s wedding car was her fathers Bugatti and the bridesmaids had a white VW Camper to taxi them around.

After the lovely ceremony we went to Notley Abbey. This was my first time there. I’ve been to a couple of other Bijou venues before, Botley’s Mansion and Cain Manor and all are very unique and individual.

Notley Abbey though has a lovely long drive leading up to the house and is totally secluded from the public. The lavender grows up the path too, it’s a stunning feature.
Notley Abbey Wedding

Once here we did the formals and some shots of just Chelsey and Paul alone.

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Wedding at the Chequered Skipper

The Chequered Skipper
Katie & Keith

Chequered Skipper Wedding
As I type this, I’m in a pub in Oxford getting ready for tomorrows wedding. Right now, I’m technically in a flood zone!

Rain wasn’t a problem for Katie and Keith, the wind was, during the formals on the green outside the Chequered Skipper the wind was so fierce we lost part of a tree…a big bit!

But still, we’re British, we laugh in the face of bad weather. (We’ve no choice).
I started the day at the Haycock hotel in Wansford where Katie and her bridesmaids were getting ready, when I went to take photos of the dress I was surprise how heavy is was but Katie told me it was a genuine Vintage dress with French Lace in. It was gorgeous, Katie found it at Abigails Vintage Bridal.

I left in advance of the bridal party. Katie and Keith chose St John the Baptist in Upton (Peterborough) to be wed at.
Chequered Skipper Wedding

This was the nicest church I’ve ever worked in. Just a dinky church on the edge of a field. It felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful.

After the ceremony the entire party headed to the Chequered Skipper in Ashton where Helen from Magpie Crockery had decorated the tables and ceiling with Pom Poms, bunting, vintage crockery, old tea chests with flowers in….really classy and cool.

From here we went and fought the wind for photos. After the dinner and speeches I ran my photo booth for about and hour, a few people rocked out….

…and then we went to the first dance.
Chequered Skipper Wedding

As always, credit where credit is due, other than the fab Abigails Vintage Bridal and Magpie Crockery word has to go to the fabulous table of cakes by Mimosa Bakery. Literally, a table of cakes, they hand paint some of them too…I strongly recommend checking them out, icing isn’t too sweet, sponge isn’t eggy, really good stuff. I loved this vintage wedding and am looking forward to many more!

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Winkworth Farm Wedding
Hannah and Joe

Winkworth Farm WeddingWinkworth Farm

Winkworth Farm in Wiltshire played host to Hannah and Joe’s wedding in early June.

This was very vintage and boho in style with lots of personal touches everywhere.

Hannah and Joe made copious amounts of beautiful bunting and had stunning wildflowers on all the tables which complemented the ring of flowers worn in the hair of Hannah and her bridesmaids.

The farm is an all in one venue which has a courtyard barn for overnight stays and bridal preperations. The ceremony can be held in either the garden (as it was in this case) or in the main building if the weather is a bit erm…British.

Winkworth Farm WeddingDuring the ceremony there was a reading of ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ by Dr Seuss…which is an awesome thing to have, a great reading.

Afterwards we went to the lawn and gardens for Pimms and photos followed by the wedding breakfast.

I also brought the photo booth for the time between the end of the speeches and first dance which went down really well.

There was the unexpected consequence of sword fights between the younger members taking place behind me though!

Winkworth Farm WeddingAltogether it was a fantastic day. There were lots of great places to go to for photos and the Farm is very well run.

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Bury Court Barn Wedding

The Barn at Bury Court
Naomi & Chris

Bury Court Barn WeddingThe Barn at Bury Court – Naomi and Chris’s Summertime Wedding

For regular readers of the blog you may recognize Naomi as one of the bridesmaids at Jennifer and Stevens wedding at Nonsuch Mansion last year. It’s a great compliment to be asked to photograph their wedding too!

Naomi and Chris’s wedding was mid May, just as the yellow fields were blooming and the heatwave was about to hit us with such force. Naomi and the girls chose Greywell House Hotel Dorking to get ready in. It’s a wonderful place to stay with lovely grounds and decor. It’s full of personal touches everywhere.

During prep Becky Sargeant from Beauty Call was the make up artist and did a fine job, with Naomi’s dress being from Alfred Angelo.

Chris also had a surprise for Naomi in the form of a necklace from Tiffany and Co!

Bury Court Barn WeddingOnce we were finished I headed off to St Pauls Church in Dorking, (10 minutes away) which is a relatively new church with some features at the back which suggest it’s much older than it really is!

Naomi walked down the aisle to a piece of music her brother composed and it was the most beautiful, personal piece I’ve ever heard for this type of setting.

The ceremony was lovely and after the photos / confetti outside we made out way to The Barn at Bury Court in Farnham.

The Barn at Bury Court is easy to find with a Sat Nav and at this time of year involved driving through some LOVELY yellow fields of which I made a note for later on.

Now, a little warning about the photos in the yellow fields. This is Rapeseed and the yellow pollen comes off easily. If you want to have some shots in somewhere like this find the tractor tracks and stand amongst them.

Please don’t turn into Julie Andrews and go running into them as in the Sound of Music style because your dress will be ruined. You’ve been warned! x

The grounds in which the barn is situated are spectacular with well tended gardens and great views. The weather was a little spotty so umbrellas were handy to have nearby but hardly used other than in photos!

Bury Court Barn WeddingI had no problems at all working in there and I had lots of space to move around.

During the reception Naomi and Chris chose to have Bob Hooper, a Spanish Guitarist play via an amp for background music and we then vanished off with Owen from Vantastic who kindly offered to stay a little over time to drive us to those yellow fields in his VW Camper…. and I’m so glad we did.

Afterwards I freelanced, there were the speeches and first dance. The band that Naomi and Chris chose were called Rollercoaster who did an excellent job.

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Brighton couples shoot windy day

An Engagement Shoot to Blow you Away – Literally
Jane & James

Brighton Pier shoot

That’s how windy it was during Jane and James’s engagement shoot last Friday. Windy. Like. You. Wouldn’t. Believe.

But hey, we won’t allow that to interfere with things too much shall we?

All joking aside though, maybe the pier wasn’t the best place to be on a windy day. But, due to the unpredictable weather we’ve had delaying the shoot Jane and James might of been married by the time it took place. So we went for it anyway….and it paid off.

We started off on the pier itself and soon decided which side of the pier to shoot on because of the weather. We walked along the length of Brighton Pier stopping occasionally for photos. Some places were a good idea, others not. The light was unpredictable but it was always interesting.

Brighton Pier shootHalfway along the pier we stopped at the milk cans and the nice chap there allowed me to hop over to record James throwing a few balls at the target, then we went to the arcade for a bit, heading off to the beach after.

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Buxted Park Outdoor Wedding

An Outdoor Wedding at Buxted Park Hotel
Elissa & Luke

Buxted Park Outdoor Wedding

Buxted Park Hotel Outdoor Wedding

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be the Wedding Photographer at Elissa and Luke’s wedding at the Buxted Park Hotel in Uckfield. I was also lucky enough to be present at their first outdoor ceremony and the weather couldn’t of been better for it. The only cloud in the sky was miles off!

This was a day filled with love and laughter from a couple totally at one with each other.

This wedding was full of firsts for me, other than the first outdoor wedding at Buxted, we had an ice cream man (Matt Benecci) and a Lionel Richie Tribute (Moni Tivony).

All of which were awesome.

Buxted Park Outdoor WeddingThis was an all day wedding for me, usually I cover the prep upstairs in the bridal suite but this time I was downstairs in Academy Room 1. Photographically wise both are great. With the Academy Room I could shoot from outside through a window and also walk straight out onto the lawn for the detailed shots of things like the shoes:

Elissa’s chief Bridesmaid Yasmin Fakhrhosseini did the bridal hair and makeup with Elaine from Hall Hair Design for the Bridesmaids.  The ceremony was beautiful with a couple of readings. Ian from Disco Fever provided the music during the ceremony, the background during the wedding breakfast and was the dj for the evening.

Luke and Elissa had laid on a close up magician Matt Wainwright who did an awesome job wowing the guests.

Elissa chose to have different coloured bridesmaids dresses from Ebony Rose which looked stunning and her dress was from Mia Mia Bridal.

Pollen did a wonderful job as always with their flowers, they just consistently deliver a high standard, always.

Buxted Park Outdoor WeddingOther things, well we had some fun and games with Luke and the boys and also took advantage of the different light in the evening with some shots of Elissa and Luke with their daughter:

It was great to be there at Buxted Park and I felt really lucky to be a part of their day.

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