Wiltons Music Hall Wedding Photography

Wiltons Music Hall
Laila & Chris

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding

I love weddings that are off the beaten track and challenging. When I get them I tend to run off the adrenaline and let go of the reigns to see where the day takes me. Laila and Chris’s wedding at Wilton’s Music hall was the perfect example of this.
Wiltons Music Hall Wedding
So colourful was this day and so spoilt for choice with details was I that I never ran out of things to shoot. From the bubble machine welcoming you, the Pinata that was used for receiving cards from the guests, the Pink Flamingo’s, the face masks on the tables, the US sweets on the candy bar that were there one minute and gone the next to the eclectic collection of balloons at the end of the aisle… this was no ordinary wedding.

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding

Because we were in central London a lot of the more formal photos were taken indoors yet this wasn’t a bad thing and the resulting photos lent themselves really well to the urban feel of Wiltons Music Hall.

The wedding at Wiltons finished at around 7pm but the celebrations continued until late a short walk down the road at Simmons Bar on Royal Mint Street. The party was still going when I left!

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Nonsuch Mansion Wedding

Nonsuch Mansion
Lili-Mae & Ben

A Wedding at Nonsuch Mansion

Summer seems so long ago now and I’m thankful I put off my blogging until the winter months so I can cast my mind back to longer days and a time before Star Wars mania had such an absolute grip on the nation. Although it has me too and there’s two seats waiting for Laura and myself at the IMAX next week because if I’m going to go to the movies I want to to see it in 70mm!

A Wedding at Nonsuch Mansion

Here is Lili-Mae and Ben’s gorgeous August wedding at Nonsuch Mansion. I loved the nice touches and attention to detail on this day. Everything was considered and put together really well. I loved Lili-Mae’s dress and being a two piece one it was really tricky to shoot so I did the right thing and waited until it was actually on her for photo. (Sometimes you can’t win with the dress and today was such a day)!

A Wedding at Nonsuch Mansion
Even though the details were beautiful a wedding is nothing without the right crowd and I had just the best day with everyone. Ben was the nicest guy to be around and you can tell they were both absolutely smitten with each other.

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Loudwater Farm Wedding

Loudwater Farm
Laura & James

This was my first wedding at Loudwater Farm in Rickmansworth and was the idillic setting for Laura and James’ wedding in May.

It was a lovely warm and sunny day, I started super early wih Laura for prep before heading to Rickmansworth Church where James was waiting.

A lot of the guests arrived via a single decker classic red bus which also took them to Loudwater Farm.

After the I’do’s we headed to the reception and made full use of the grounds. At this time of year everything was in bloom and downright pretty. You’ve the rustic charm of the barn, the river (which is shallow, but very cold) and the trees, ornate hedging and grasses in the backgrond. It’s perfect. The bridge was a lovely spot in particular!

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Iceland travel tips for photographers

Photographing Iceland
One Photographers big trip around the Island

Welcome to Iceland

Welcome, to my several years in the making, rough guide to traveling, camping and shooting in Iceland. It’s by no means comprehensive but it covers my experiences and thoughts so far.

This sprawling country of black and white. This brutal, unforgiving country. This land of absolute and complete solitude. There is nowhere quite as beautiful, bewitching or humbling as Iceland.

Jokulsarlen Iceberg LagoonThis post covers a photographic journey that started a few years ago when I first discovered this land of fire and ice. I wanted a quick break, some time away and a little solitude. What I found took my breath away. With all the snow, I found myself looking at an alien landscape, windswept and archaic but immensely beautiful at the same time.

'The Chocolate Brownie' - Part of the Peninsula near GrindavikOn my first trip I arrived in late November, collected my car from Keflavik Airport and headed to the apartment in Reykjavik (I used Apartment K) and settled down for the night before my drive to Vik beach the next day.

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Pennyhill Park Wedding Photography

Pennyhill Park Hotel
Eva & Ollie

Eva & Ollie

In August I was at Pennyhill Park to shoot Eva and Ollie’s wedding. It was my first time there and it’s a picturesque, sprawling hotel with some beautiful gardens, ornate features everywhere and is a perfect all in one location for a wedding.

I was lucky enough to have Ollie nearby for photos. It’s always good to get both sides of prep, even though with the guys there is less to shoot (the rings, buttonholes, pants, hairy legs etc…. as I sometimes feel the boys can be left behind. It’s their story too.

Eva & Ollie
On the brides side, Eva’s prep was a light and happy one, at least until ‘Hairspraygate’ (below)  where super strong hairspray was used to fix the makeup. Which is the wrong sort apparently!

I was there early enough to see the rehearsal too as we had a decent number of flower girls, ushers, bridesmaids and Pennyhill Park has a long walk down to the gazebo.
Eva & Ollie

After the ceremony we had a nice long period of time for the reception. It allowed me plenty of time to get all the shots I could possibly need as well as some cool portraits with the bridal party as well as making good use of the gardens. It was important for Eva and Ollie too as for the last few years they had both been living and working in Australia as doctors which kept them away from family and friends.

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St Enodoc Church Wedding Photography

St Enodoc Church, Daymer Bay and a Yurt
Dominique & Phil

St Enodoc Church Wedding

Certain parts of the UK have a special hold on my heart and Cornwall is one such place.

When my age could be counted in single digits Cornwall was a source of family holidays, tricking the Space Invaders machine to accept 2p’s at holiday camps in Camelford, pretending to be a rock climber in Tintagel and discovering jellyfish on Polzeath beach are moments that still hold a certain magic and nostalgia for me.

St Enodoc Church WeddingYet, despite this I’ve not been back to Cornwall since, at least not until Domi and Phil booked me for their wedding at St Enodoc Church in Trebetherick. From that moment I had been counting down the day to my return….

Their wedding started unusually with the boys surfing at Polzeath beach while Dominique got ready at her parents in Rock.

St Enodoc church is honestly the most beautifully located church I’ve ever shot at. The view of St Enodoc aligns perfectly with the Jurassic Cornish coastline that leads to Daymer Bay.

St Enodoc Church WeddingAfter the ceremony we headed back to Domi’s parents for a reception in a Yurt where the September sun kept us warm. The speeches took place outside followed by a Conga to the beach.

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Oakley Hall Hotel Wedding Photography

Oakley Hall Hotel
Kimberley & James

Oakley Hall Hotel Wedding
Sometimes I get the chance to shoot for friends and I’ve known Kimberley and James from the very start of my career as a photographer. It made the day all the more special to me to be shooting for them.

I’d never been to Oakley Hall Hotel before but it has some tricks up it’s sleeve photographically. The cottage at the end of the lawn is very reminiscent of the house from the movie ‘Up!’ and the whole venue is surrounded by corn fields which at this time of year proved to be a great backdrop for the couple shots.

Oakley Hall Hotel Wedding

As Kimberley and James were getting ready in the same place I could float between them to cover both sides of their story, the reception was adorned with the biggest floral decor I’ve yet seen at a wedding and it was beautifully laid out.

In the evening ‘The Deloreans’ knocked our socks off and as I now stay later into the evening where I can there was some serious moves and interpretive dance on the floor right until midnight. If you are looking for a wedding band they were one of the best I’ve seen this year. So much energy! See more of their stuff here

Oakley Hall Hotel Wedding

The dancefloor was never empty and it kept rocking all the way through until the end. It was such an epic day!

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The Gallivant
Daisy & Chris

Here in the UK I don’t get many seaside weddings, which is a shame as I really enjoy the different landscapes. I love my countryside but a seaside location and a sandy beach is something I’d like to do more of.

Daisy and Chris got married at the Gallivant on Camber Sands. The venue is directly opposite the sprawling beach of Camber and is a beautiful area for photos.

Daisy got ready in the accommodation on site and everything took place there. The seaside feel was present throughout the day and their dinner was in the adjoining marquee.

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Somerset Wedding Photography

A Stunning West Country Wedding at Standerwick Court
Sophie & Lewis

Country House Wedding Somerset

As each year goes by I’m still surprised by just how much I can achieve in one wedding day. At Sophie and Lewis’ wedding we were spoilt for choice as far as locations go with Standerwick Court being his parents home.

So that’s 10 bedrooms and 70+ acres with exclusive use to be creative in. One room had a Spitfire battle painted on all four walls….Painted on the walls. How cool is that?

Beckington church, where Lewis waited for Sophie to arrive was typically west country cute as well.

Country House Wedding Somerset

After the emotional ceremony they headed back to Standerwick Court in Lewis’ surprise transport of a horse and carriage, we stopped for photos, I was stung by nettles and my second Greg was with the rest of the guests being awesome.

A sweet marquee housed the reception dinner and after the final speech we partied hard until late with a few stops for shots at the folly and later, the outhouses where the moon popped out to greet us.
Country House Wedding Somerset

There was so much to say about their wedding that it would take away from the photos so I’ll stop, but leave you with this….

A great location and venue is brilliant but the right couple, friends and family are what made this wedding. These guys were out to party and they all did in their own way.

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A Couples shoot in Basingstoke

A Couple Shoot in Basingstoke
Cecilia and Tom

Engagement shoots in Basingstoke

In a garden I could only dream of owning, under the threat of rain and a strong east wind the photo gods shone down on Cecilia and Tom yesterday.

Since early morning it had been cloud, overcast and well, a bit poo until 5pm , then we were given this….

Engagement shoots in Basingstoke
Someone was looking out for us because as I’m typing this blog it’s quite predictably throwing it down out there. My dog Harvey is fed up that he can’t go out and chase cats (who let’s face it have more sense than to be waiting for him) but the upside is it gives me a chance to write up some of my work on the blog.

That’s May though, and I wouldn’t want it any differently. It’s my favourite month of the year. Everything comes to life! After the sun comes the rain, after the rain comes the sun…and so on it goes.
Engagement shoots in Basingstoke

Cecilia and Tom are blessed with a huge garden and everywhere was a canvas for great photos. I like to split up my couple shoots into two locations where possible. The intimacy of a tight frame is beautiful, but I like to venture outside where we can be swallowed up by the landscape too.

The no drama / drama thing makes for a good contrast in the images.

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