Chelsea Registry Office Wedding

Kensington and Chelsea
Samala & Jay

Chelsea Resistry Office WeddingThe world-famous Chelsea Registry office in one of London’s smartest boroughs has, over the years, played host to the marriage ceremonies of thousands. The Independent dubbed it ‘still one of the hippest places to get married.’

Which it probably is. From there you can go anywhere!

Chelsea Resistry Office WeddingBased on the iconic King’s Road, the venue was also the setting for Sam and Jay’s Chelsea Wedding. It’s nice to be in London again. I do lots of country weddings and love the contrast between the urban backdrops and what I’m used to.

The ceremony was followed by a reception at The Phene, a clubhouse-style pub also in the heart of Chelsea and which can trace its heritage all the way back to the mid-1800s.

Chelsea Resistry Office WeddingWe also headed down the road to ward the Albert Bridge as it’s always nice there for photos.

Sam looked beautifully stylish in a long, white, sleeveless Riva Westenius dress with a dramatic V-shaped back.

The happiness of everyone involved was plain to see in the broad, unforced smiles that punctuated the whole day. It was a genuine delight to work with such a lovely couple, and to photograph a day that burst at the seams with joy in such an interesting venue.

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Oakley Court Hotel Wedding

Oakley Court Hotel
Daniel & Lieve

Oakley Court WeddingIt was a real pleasure being a part of the Daniel and Lieve’s big day, which took place in the grounds of the luxurious and Victorian Gothic Oakley Court Hotel, Berkshire, which boasts unrivaled views of the River Thames. Even though the weather was overcast on the day, the bride shone brightly with her beautiful flowery dress and unique button bouquet. The groom looked suave in his blue suit, and complemented the bride’s bouquet perfectly with his buttonhole.

Although he did forget his trousers, Daniel made up for it with Jeans and admittedly he fell on his feet with this as he looked even better.

Oakley Court WeddingThe hotel was the perfect angular backdrop to the initial artistic picture, where the balloons accompany the bride and groom – a fun shot that I feel encapsulates the couple’s energetic nature.
After dining in the exquisite, conservatory-style dining hall, the guests were welcomed aboard the steamboat sat on the River Thames, and were treated to live music from a fantastic band armed with some great pieces and a selection of jazz instruments, including a clarinet and a saxophone, and with a tipple in hand the guests continued to celebrate.

I feel the image capture the real essence of a true celebration. There were so many photo opportunities to capture the day; it was difficult to pick just a handful of my favourite photographs to showcase.

Oakley Court WeddingThe hotel itself and its grounds easily live up to and even surpass the high expectation it had built up. With the hotel’s magnificent 35 acres of land gracefully scattered with beautifully bright flowers, seen pictured with the bride and groom, water features and most unique of all, carefully sculptured wooden animals, it is easy to see why Oakley Court has quickly become a highly sought after wedding venue. It’s one that I always take pleasure in shooting.

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South Farm Wedding Photography

A Wedding at South Farm, Royston
Hazel & Ashley

South Farm RoystonWhen I was really young I used to be that kid who’d be dragged around flea markets and antique shops looking at well loved teddy bears with bits of stuffing hanging out of them, old records and monkey moneyboxes.

I remember that everywhere I looked there was something new, something interesting and cool.

South Farm RoystonWhen I was thinking about what to say of Hazel and Ashley’s wedding at South Farm this year that is what my mind cast back to. The level of detail, the things to see and to do reminded me of that time. This was further bolstered by the way South Farm is laid out, the Gypsy caravans , the Piglets, the sculptures and the gardens turned their wedding into a Photographers playground.

I was wandering around in awe saying to myself ‘This is beautiful’.

South Farm RoystonAfter their church ceremony, Hazel and Ashley went to South Farm for a blessing and their reception.

In the evening there were sparklers and we commandeered the Gypsy caravans for an epic shot involving 5 remote flashes 4 smoke bombs and two people in love.

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Latimer Place Wedding Photography

Latimer Place
Charlotte & Joel

Latimer Place WeddingHere is Charlotte and Joel’s wedding from August. This lovely couple said their vows at St John the Baptist Church in Pinner, Middlesex before traveling to their reception at Latimer Place in Chesham.

This was a very big wedding with over 120 guests and Pinner’s church is gorgeous inside.

After the ceremony we headed to Latimer Place and took some photos in the grounds before the guests arrived. There is a walk up the steps and along the hotel that was excellent for photos as well as a spot under some nearby trees. I did want to crash some long grass in the adjoining field but it seemed impossible to access, (something to work on next time).

Latimer Place WeddingCharlotte and Joel’s formals list was minimal, ( three group shots ) and this gave me a lot more time to be creative with flash and to have some fun with a Hadoken inspired shot.
For those of you who don’t know, a Hadoken shot is one that is inspired by the Street Fighter video games. Last year it was dinosaurs but I wanted to do something different this year.

As with all types of these shots I need to get the original photo right first and then rely purely on my ability in photoshop. It helps that I was a gaming freak in my teens so I know what works.

Latimer Place WeddingAlso new this year is that I’m adding a glossier studio look to my work for those who want it. I’ve always been a strong supporter of natural light photography and this in the mainstream is because flash is tricky to do right and do well.

Done right, it’s a very nice look and where I have the time I’ll set something up. Saying that, I’ll still use natural light most of the time but the flash work adds that little bit…extra.

Having the time is a key thing. At this wedding I had minimal group shots to do and that gave me OODLES of extra time to consider and take great shots of Charlotte and Joel.

When you have to set up flashes, test the lighting and so on it has to potential to suck time from the best planned days.

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Berkshire country weddings

A Farm Wedding in Buckinghamshire
Georgina & Will

Farm Wedding Photography‘I love cows’ was one of the first thing Georgina said to me over the phone when talking about her wedding. ‘My sister is painting cow table names and in the field next to the marquee all the cows will be there’.

And so they were.

Farm Wedding PhotographyGeorgina and Will said their vows at St Mary’s in the picturesque village of Leckhampstead in Buckinghamshire. This was a big farm wedding with 180 guests so as you would expect the church was packed with a few of the guests standing.

After the ceremony we went to the family farm in Akeley.

As you would expect the whole area is very good for photos, we went over to a small orchard for the shots of them both and covered the key family formals in the family garden whilst all the guests arrived across the road.

Farm Wedding PhotographySpecial mention goes to Sarah Spade, the Ukelele Lady who, along with two others provided great entertainment during the reception.

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Old Luxters Barn Wedding

Old Luxters Barn
Rachel & Joseph

Old Luxters Barn Summer WeddingThe last time (and the first time) I was at Old Luxters Barn it was in March and because it was cold and a little muddy we didn’t have the freedom to go to the vineyard or the woods across the road.

This time though things were different, here is Rachel and Joseph’s wedding.

Old Luxters Barn is an excellent venue whatever the weather, beautifully decorated and ambient inside it serves as a homely and welcoming place.

Old Luxters Barn Summer WeddingRachel and Joeseph used the cottage opposite to get ready in and everything took place here.

It was also nice to be working with Jay Archer again who was responsible for all the flowers, votives and table decor on the day. Jay is a rarity in that she sticks around for a good portion of the wedding rather than dropping off the flowers and leaving first thing. It’s good to have her onboard.

Old Luxters Barn Summer WeddingAs favors Joe brewed his own beer called ‘Hoppily Ever After’ and showed some images of the process from start to finish. It was strong stuff!

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Buxted Park Wedding Photos

Buxted Park Hotel
Vicky & Chris

Buxted Park Wedding
They say ‘The truth of a story lies in the details’, and that’s certainly true when it comes to the story of two people in love saying ‘I do’. A happy couple’s wedding day is but a chapter in their lives together as a whole, but as a single day, it’s a story all of its own.
Buxted Park Wedding

A story that usually requires a great deal of preparation of course, including months of planning to make sure everything goes perfectly and that all the details are in place. Often though, for the happy couple, when the big day arrives, it is so full of excitement and well wishers and celebrating, it’s hard to take in all the little touches they’ve worked so hard on. When I photograph a wedding, my job is to capture all of those beautiful details that have been so carefully crafted, so that the newlyweds can enjoy their story and share it with their loved ones for years to come.
Buxted Park Wedding

The details at Vicky and Chris’ wedding were plentiful and wonderful, with so many personal touches that made their day so uniquely their own – from the wonderful E Type Jaguar that took Vicky to the Buxted Park Hotel, to her Cardiff City garter that served as a quirky ‘something blue’. It’s a real privilege to take photos that could only belong to the particular happy couple in question; the sort of photos that really personalise a wedding album and make it one to treasure.

However much planning goes on ahead of time though, there are of course things you can’t control – namely the weather in this case! But it’s all about perspective, and Vicky and Chris had exactly the right attitude, braving the rain with a delicate pink umbrella for what actually turned out to be one of my personal favourite outdoor shots of the day.

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Fusion Wedding Photography

Nonsuch Mansion
Sumi & Simon

Hindu Fusion Nonsuch Wedding
The sun came out for Sumi and Simon’s wedding this summer which is just as well, as this globe-trotting couple are used to the hot hot heat of the Middle East!

Set in the lavish grounds of Epsom’s Nonsuch Mansion, this was a traditional English garden wedding with a difference, complete with mason jars packed with peonies, a towering white wedding cake and personal touches such as the drummers who welcomed guests to the ceremony.
Hindu Fusion Nonsuch Wedding

From the very start of the day, you could see how special this day was to Sumi, Simon and their families. They have been living in Qatar and their beautiful wedding was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones who they hadn’t seen in a while. You can see this emotion in the proud faces of Sumi’s parents, and the huge smiles of the wedding party.

To honour Sumi’s heritage, the bride wore traditional Henna on her hand, and the groom cracked a coconut following the wedding ceremony inside the magnificent, Grade II listed Mansion.
Hindu Fusion Nonsuch Wedding

After the ceremony, the guests really let their hair down, with loads of laughter and dancing among family and friends. Amazingly, the sun stayed out for the whole day, so we were able to get plenty of photos of family and friends all over the grand gardens which surround the venue.

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tonehouse Court Hotel Wedding

A Wedding at the Stonehouse Court Hotel
Alicia & Tom

Stonehouse Court Hotel WeddingI enjoy traveling and covering venues new to me. Surrey and Sussex are my common haunts but I’ll jump at the chance to work further afield, so when I was asked to cover Mr and Mrs Eight’s wedding at the Stonehouse Court Hotel in the Cotswolds I was eager to do so.

Truth be told they aren’t technically Mr and Mrs Eight, Tom plays Football and has been number 8 for years so Alicia picked up the title of Mrs Eight in the process…

Stonehouse Court Hotel WeddingWhat was also cute is that they had their 10 year old dog ‘Mouse’ with them for most of the day. As a dog owner too it’s an important thing for us because they’re like children too. I was forever looking out for mouse though and was often wandering off to make sure I knew where they had got to (which wasn’t far).

Everything took place at Stonehouse Court Hotel and as with most weddings further away from me I stayed there the night before.

The wedding went off without a hitch and we used the lake nearby for some great shots. It was also that time of year when ducklings were rife. They came up to us acting quite inquisitive only to be followed by a MASSIVE swan at which point it was decided that stepping away from the bank was a good idea. 😀

Stonehouse Court Hotel WeddingIt was a great day and even though I’d not met Alicia and Tom before the day I felt as if I’d known them for years on arrival.

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Notley Abbey Wedding Photography

Notley Abbey
Sarah & Ian

Notley Abbey Vintage Wedding‘Our first date was at Costa’ was one of the things Sarah said to me during their engagement shoot last month. ‘They’re also making our wedding cake because of it’.

And this they did, Costa made them a huge wedding cake!

Sarah and Ian were married a couple of weeks ago at St Mary’s in Haddenham with their reception and evening do at Notley Abbey.

I love this place. I’ve covered a lot of the Bijou wedding venues but this is my favourite, I love the setting, the lavender the way the light falls, the river and it has some of the nicest staff in the industry.

Notley Abbey Vintage WeddingThis was a very colourful and stylish wedding. I’m guessing, but I think Sarah’s dress was a Jenny Packham number which was very classic and vintage in design. Her flowers were a lovely mix of pinks and whites with feathers in (something I don’t often see) and this was a lovely contrast between the vibrant getting ready colours of the dressing gowns in the morning.

It rained, but this added more to the day than it took away and halfway through the ceremony at St Mary’s church the sun came out and the skies cleared of cloud.

Notley Abbey Vintage WeddingOnce at Notley Abbey we took photos by the lake and then I was told about the hedge you can walk through…I always thought it was just a hedge but it’s more like a hedge with a tunnel and we had some photos there too.

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