University Womens Club Mayfair Wedding

University Womens Club in Mayfair, London
Cailah & Duraid

University Womens Club WeddingWhile many couples want to have a rural backdrop for their wedding, large towns and cities have some truly gorgeous venues too.

When Cailah and Duraid got married at the University Womens Club in Mayfair  I loved being able to easily find original and interesting shots at this cool and understated venue.

The club’s elegant drawing room and library are licensed to hold civil weddings, meaning everything can take place in the same building, which is what Cailah and Duraid decided to do.

University Womens Club WeddingInside the UWC was nothing short of a blessing to me because sometimes…it can be difficult to be original as a photographer so I made the most of things like the gorgeous shelving, books and ceiling in the library, and the London architecture outside, as well as things like street signs, to convey a good sense of where we were.

Even though I’m unhealthily addicted to colour the beautiful windows gave a great natural frame to Cailah and Duraid for a lovely black and white shot, which I think has a timeless quality to it.

Cailah looked beautiful in a three quarter length white dress, with long lace sleeves, a sweetheart neckline and a flared tulle skirt, while her new husband was dapper in a bow tie.

University Womens Club WeddingAs someone who was married this year I was completely digging Duraid’s tie and suit combo. (Loved the texture of the material  that made it up). Whilst there were the formal aspect to the day as all good wedding have, things like the Lego buttonholes for the guys and the Jenga guest book and the cutest wedding cake I’ve seen for while all added their personality and kept the day grounded and ‘real’.

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Walking Dead Wedding at Buxted Park

A Buxted Park Wedding with a touch of the Walking Dead
Tara & Chris

Buxted Park Wedding
Buxted Park is the most gorgeous Palladian mansion, set against a breathtaking backdrop of rolling East Sussex parkland.

The lawns, terraces, Orangery and ballroom combine to create a truly magical wedding venue. So there could not have been a more perfect setting for when Tara and Chris tied the knot.

Tara went for an absolutely beautiful but unfussy look with a long, sleeveless white gown with a sweetheart neckline and tie-up back. Chris wore a smart, soft grey three-piece suit.

Everything took place here, it was nice that Tara and Chris got ready near to each other as it’s good to be able to capture both sides of their journey.

Buxted Park WeddingTheir ceremony was held in the Orangery and it was a lovely sunny day. They were also fans of the Walking Dead so I helped them to achieve the themed shot they asked for.

It’s always a challenge to get people to act like a rotting corpse at a wedding.

As always, Buxted Park is a great place for photos in all weathers, this was the time of year that there was lots of long grasses around so we headed for photos near the lake. When I say near I actually means nowhere near it at all…but in that general direction.

Shooting by the lake is a bit like arranging stuff with people you don’t know too well. You think it’s a great idea until you actually have to do it. Then you wish you hadn’t.

Buxted Park WeddingThat’s how it is with the lake. When you’re there it’s like looking through a telescope backwards. It seems miles away!


I was also asked to do a TV series style photos. So, in the Coat of Arms room, I got the wedding party to chat to each other with some sitting and others standing. The end result worked really well 🙂

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Duke of Cumberland Arms Wedding

Hawkley Church and the Duke of Cumberland Arms
Lauri & Will

Hawkley Church WeddingPerched on a breathtaking hillside with commanding views, the sixteenth century Duke of Cumberland Arms isn’t just any old pub. With its flagstones and fires in winter, and its long, proud history, it’s hard to think of a more enchantingly perfect venue for Lauri and Will’s wedding day.

The ceremony itself took place in the gorgeous Norman Church of St Peter and St Paul, Hawkley. It dates back to 1865, and is made from local stone. It’s what I would call ‘A right proper old church’ – Lovely to look at, lovely to be in. It’s one of those cosy churches.

Lauri walked down the aisle in the most detailed Jenny Packham dress I’ve seen to date. The brocading was gorgeous and she carried a bouquet of white, pink and purple blooms, attended by an impossibly cute gaggle of bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys, while her groom was in his morning suit.

Hawkley Church WeddingWill and the guys were at the Hawkley Arms just a stones throw from the Church. If you’d ask me what I expected to see on the wall inside the pub…..a Moose Head wouldn’t of been the first thing I’d of answered… but there it was, staring at me.

Once at the Church Will looked thoughtful and, maybe, understandably, just a little bit nervous as all grooms should be!

Mark, the Vicar won my secret award of ‘Best Vicar of 2014’ as he said ‘I could do whatever I wanted’. This makes a difference, really. If you’re reading this and are getting married in a church always sound out your Vicar about photography. Some are really restrictive….but not Mark!

After the ceremony we nailed the formal photography on the church steps. Going back to how old the church was, it had a really wide staggered half moon step going on in front of the doors. Perfect for group shots.

The rest of the day was logistically simple. The church led to their reception at the Duke of Cumberland Arms where the usual mingling took place.

Hawkley Church WeddingWe used the lovely garden there for photos and dinner followed. Lauri is an accomplished chef so there were lots of surprises there. The kids had a tipi picnic outside and there were party games inside to keep them occupied.

For the grown ups there was a carvery but prior to that, the starters were served in terracotta pots and made to look like plants. (There’s a photo of this further down), very cute indeed.

Other foodies stuff was the nibbles but of special note were the chocolate brownies Lauri had made and I’d like to say this about them:

I’m pretty confident, that when my time comes to leave this beautiful planet, I will remember those Chocolate Brownies

I kid you not.

There was also warm, homemade doughnut balls, rolled in cinnamon sugar (proper ratios of sugar and cinnamon too) which were in endless supply along with ice cream.

Today…was a good day for my belly. By the end of it I felt like I myself, had been rolled in cinnamon sugar and hit with a spoon.

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Brighton Couples Shoot

A Brighton Engagement Shoot
Shoshana & Grant

Brighton Engagement Shoot
Hello winter, remember summer?

Planning a wedding is a busy time for anyone, and it can be easy to forget that, while everyone wants photos of their big day, a lovely set of engagement photos can convey a real sense of excitement at what lies ahead.

Shoshana and Grant live in London and asked to have their engagement shoot in Brighton. You can be quite spoilt in this city. Brighton is a spectacular location, offering some great backdrops, the sea acting as a canvas to he pier with its attractions and amusements.

Brighton Engagement ShootBut it wasn’t all seaside-based – we went and used the local graffiti as an intimidating wrap around backdrop and then we drove to a local apple orchard for some shots amongst the long grass on a gorgeously sunny day, making for some genuinely romantic images.

Pre wedding shoots are a great way to remember that you love each other while forgetting all the stree associated with the planning side of things.

The sea and sky provided restful blue backgrounds for some photos, offering a nice contrast to the fun and brightly coloured, busier images of things like the funfair ride and helter skelter.

You can see from the eye contact and smiles between them that this is a young couple very much in love, who can’t wait to tie the knot and spend the rest of their lives together. With her long red hair catching the light, broad smile and pretty summer dress, Shoshana looks every inch the radiant bride to be.

Brighton Engagement ShootI think I’ve managed to get a nice range of images for this shoot, including ones of them sitting, standing, literally jumping for joy on the pier, (thanks to the lady who runs the Trampoline ride) and generally looking relaxed and glad to be together!

Genuinely, the smiles and laughter of this shoot were very natural as they should always be.

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Jeremy's Restaurant Wedding

Jeremys Restaurant
Laura & Andy

Jeremy's Restaurant Wedding
Laura and Andy’s wedding a Jeremys Restaurant was a particularly warm and emotional wedding, filled with hugs, laughter…. and a Spitfire.

There was so much to photograph at Laura and Andy’s wedding, I hardly knew where to begin. Jeremy’s really is a spectacular venue, combining a lively, modern feel with the backdrop of a traditional English country garden. But also, we were allowed to use the Gardens of Borde Hill right next door for photos too.

Laura wore a beautifully understated sleeveless white dress with lace for the straps and at the top of the bodice. Her Dad and new husband went for traditional suits and waistcoats.

Jeremy's Restaurant WeddingOne of the highlights was the Spitfire display.

If you’re going to get a Spitfire to fly over and around your wedding it really helps to work at Gatwick.

I knew about this surprise, it was to follow right after the formals however you know, planes, never know where they are exactly when you’re on the ground taking photos but if there ever a memorable thing from the day is was the moment Laura shouted everyones attention and told them to look up to the skies.

Just as her hand reached out and up pointing to the blue sky…the Spitfire flew over, LOUD and LOW

It flew around for over ten minutes and was really nice to see. Much more than I had envisioned it.

Jeremy's Restaurant WeddingThe vine-covered walkway at Jeremy’s was a great romantic spot for taking some shots of Laura and Andy as Mr and Mrs, and, because I was able to be there all day I also managed to get a great image of the two of them against the inky night sky.

The reception was in the adjacent Marquee with shades of blue and as Laura and Andy go lots of National Trust gardens the table names were themed around them.

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Royal Geographical Society Wedding

The Royal Geographical Society and St Barts Brewery in Smithfield
Wendy & Jack

Royal Geographical Society WeddingHere, let me introduce you to Wendy and Jack. You’ll like them a lot.

This dynamic duo made their vows at the Royal Geographical Society in London this October and had their reception at St Barts Brewery in Smithfield adjacent to the market there.

Wendy chose to get ready at the Montcalm in London City before leaving by cab for the RGS

Royal Geographical Society WeddingSometimes things go wrong at a wedding. Best laid plans can go to waste and despite your sincerest efforts stuff doesn’t go according to plan.

Wendy and Jacks wedding took a slight misadventure when a huge part of London was closed off due to a (SURPRISE!) protest march. So London being London on a Saturday it took Wendy’s cab 90 minutes to do 4 miles.

I was caught up in it too and at one point was SERIOUSLY considering dumping the car and using a Boris bike. I kid you not. A wedding photographer not turning up to the ceremony? Not. Going. To. Happen.

But I got there 10 minutes before Wendy’s cab. Result.



So we were well and truly back on track. Wendy and Jack said their vows in the beautiful Royal Geographical Society building and we used the other room for family photos and some nice shots of the couple after.

With the protest over and the route sorted we headed to St Bart’s Brewery.

Royal Geographical Society WeddingI’d not been to St Bart’s before and it’s a lovely space, wooden flooring, nice bar….good beer and I loved the upper level.

Wendy and Jack had goody bags for the guest on each table. There were masks, conkers, toy planes and some plasticine for the ‘Mould the best Wendy and Jack’ competition.

We all went over to the Smithfield Market for some photos with the groomsmen and bridesmaids and then they all settled for dinner.

Afterwards, when it was dark, myself Wendy and Jack headed back over to Smithfield Market for some more couple shots and then they returned for their first dance. The tune to which was sung by their friend and it was Crowded House’s ‘Fall at your Feet’.

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Gaynes Park Wedding Photography

Gaynes Park
Anna & Ben

Gaynes Park Wedding

Set against the backdrop of the parkland and farmland surrounding a historic country estate, Gaynes Park made a stunning stage for Anna and Ben’s wedding when they married at the modern barn-style venue in Epping, Essex. In such an idyllic location, it was hard to believe the motorway, Central Line and London itself were all within striking distance!

With a walled garden, an orangery and two barns, the stylish and imaginatively refurbished rural spot was also a gift for me as their photographer. The oak raftered roof of the barn the celebration was held in also provided a great background – this was the Mill Barn, with its mezzanine floor and gallery.

Gaynes Park WeddingThe joy of the day was obvious for everyone to see: while most people smile for the photographers at these occasions, in this case the wide grins really were natural and unforced.

Anna was already beaming as she sat in her rollers having her make-up done, and she didn’t seem to stopped smiling all day!

Her dress was a full-length sleeveless gown with a sweetheart neckline set off by a string of pearls, while her new husband Ben went for a smart three-piece suit rather than the more formal morning attire of top hats and tails.

Gaynes Park WeddingAs usual, a good mix of formal and informal shots makes for a good record of the big day, and Ben and Anna looked particularly happy and romantic photographed against the night sky and set against the flowers and long grass of the walled garden in glorious sunshine.

We captured plenty of lighter moments alongside the official portraits recording their day, like the one of a toddler “telling off” a grown up, and some of the day’s many laughs and hugs. There were also chances to catch close-ups of the details that tell their story  – from the canapés and buttonholes of Ben’s best man and ushers, to the bridesmaids’ dresses hanging from a tree and the festoon lights.

We captured the guests in a variety of posed and very informal shots throughout the day – and they clearly loved every second of Anna and Ben’s wedding as much as the couple themselves did.

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Surrey Barn Wedding Photography

Norwood Place Barn
Catherine & Alex

Barn Wedding PhotographyThere’s only so much a photographer can do at a wedding. I’ve often said to couples ‘You make the photos, I take them’ which has quite a ring of truth to it.

This is because as photographers we can’t force people into a photo. We can’t make the sun shine and we can’t decorate a venue to look greater than it is.

What we can do though is make the best from what we are given and if presented with two people very much in love ( who aren’t afraid to show it), a venue with character and grounds which sing at all hours of the day then boy can we deliver…and then some.

Barn Wedding PhotographyWelcome to Norwood Place Barn.

Norwood Place Barn is set way off the beaten track and full of charm.

They only host a few weddings a year and there is a lake opposite  with huge willow trees all around and within the bounds of the lake, across a bridge, there’s a little island with tall grasses and haunting woodland. Perfect for sunset photos.

Catherine and Alex were married at St Bartholomews church just down the road from the venue and it was one of the hottest days of the year too so everyone was outside enjoying the entertainment.

Barn Wedding PhotographyThe attention to detail inside, the table decor and flowers was beautiful. For me this was a barn wedding to beat all barn weddings before it.

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Mussenden Temple

Mussenden Temple Weddings

Mussenden Temple WeddingMussenden Temple

There are many venues I’d love to shoot at, one of which is Mussenden Temple. This is such a unique location with breathtaking views and intimate surroundings that you’ll make memories which last well beyond your wedding day.

The gardens at Bishop’s Gate offer the perfect backdrop for wedding photography, as does the rest of Downhill with Hezlett House being particularly unique.

Mussenden Temple is on my bucket list of wedding venues to cover. If you’d like me to be there for your wedding please get in touch.

Brighton Wedding Photography

Angel House, Brighton Bandstand and the Caribou Rooms Hove
Vic & Jared

Angel House Brighton WeddingGood, long term friends are hard to find. We meet many people on our way through life and some relationships endure more than others.

We’ve known V+J for the best part of 7 years now. Whilst we don’t see them as often as we should they’ve always been there for us, and us for them with Vic being a bridesmaid at our own wedding in May.

Angel House Brighton WeddingThey were married this year at 1 Angel House in Brunswick Terrace, Hove. This was the first wedding at Angel House and this lovely Regency building has been recently restored throughout by the owners.

V+J’s civil ceremony was hosted by Brightons legendary Mr Love and afterwards we had a drinks reception on the first floor and a surprise fly by that was watched from the beach.

The ceremony room was turned around for dinner and afterwards everyone headed off for an evening reception at the Caribou Rooms. This was decorated floor to ceiling ready for the evening guests to enjoy.

Angel House Brighton WeddingWe stayed until the very end, met old and new friends and it was great to be there for them both.

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