The Asylum Chapel and Clapton Country Club
Hannah & Olly

Here is Hannah and Olly’s Wedding in London on New Years Eve.

They had two amazing venues for the day. The first was The Asylum Chapel in Peckham. This grade II listed building has a lot of history to it and its semi-industrial, weathered and rustic feel sets the scene for a unique and individual ceremony.

Their reception venue was the Clapton Country Club which used to be Clapton’s main tram station back in the day. It’s an honest, welcoming space that feels homely.

Being NYE everyone was ready to party from the get-go and the country club was ambiently decorated with candles and light up signs. Something the additional decor complemented beautifully.

By and odd stroke of luck this was my second wedding in a row with the awesome Mitch Matthews as the DJ there, keeping the party moving right through until way past midnight. Good times.

It was a cracking way to end 2019, here are some more images from their day x

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The Loft Studios, London
Sarah & Oliver

My first excursion to the Loft Studios in London was for Sarah and Oliver’s wedding in March. This super cool urban venue ticks all the boxes for those after a clean canvas set amongst an industrial vibe.

Sarah and Oliver both got ready at opposing ends of the studios with the majority of their guest arriving by Routemaster bus.

Each space for the day was unique with the outdoor courtyard serving beautifully for the reception. The ceremony area, dinner and dancefloor were stunningly decorated.

Special mention must go to two people on the day. Jamie for being so exacting on lighting, prop and decor placement. For floristry, Lex Hamilton, who didn’t just put some flowers in place, she created works of art to a level that I’ve not seen anyone do before (not in 500+ weddings anyway)!

I loved every minute of the day and I’m pretty sure I had as much fun as everyone else did!

Here are some more photos from their day..

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A Wedding at The Broadway Theatre
Francesca & Glenn

I don’t often have the opportunity to shoot in theatres. I once shot a wedding at Hackney Cinema which was a blast so I was excited to see what Francesca and Glenn’s wedding would be like.

The Broadway Theatre is huge and in the first hour of being there, I found myself getting lost in the Labyrinth of passages and stairs that led from place to place… but I soon got used to it…mostly!

The main seating area was cleared for their ceremony and dinner. It felt very grand for both scenes and there was an immense sense of overhead space.

This was a wedding containing a spectacular amount of confetti, all of which was fired from cannons without a hitch. Often someone gets shot in the face at close range or they hit their foot instead of firing them upwards but the guest won through and absolutely nailed it.

This was the Broadway Theatre’s first wedding and it was a lot of fun and a fun experience to be a part of.

Here are some more images from their day:

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Lillibrooke Manor
Beki & Steve

Isn’t November pretty? The seasons seem to be running later and later with each passing year with leaves on the trees staying put well into winter.

This is Beki and Steve’s wedding at Lillibrooke Manor, with my starting point at their prep address which was the Tithe Barn just up the road in Taplow.

Due to the time of year, their ceremony was at 1pm which gave us plenty of light after for photos.

Special mention goes to the awesome Bridesmaids who were a perfect complement to the day as well as the band ‘Down for the Count’ who were super talented and brought a lot of energy to the evening.

Here are some more images from their day at Lillibrooke Manor:

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Southend Barns
Lauren & Jack

Welcome to Lauren and Jack’s Wedding at Southend Barns on New Year’s ‘Eve Eve’!

This super cool trio (once you include Manny the dog) had their whole day at the barns with Lauren arriving in a super cute pink and white American Ford Edsel and it’s the first car like this I’ve seen for a while.

We were fortunate that weekend with the weather and the venue was dressed beautifully by To Have and To Hire who also supplied an awesome neon sign for the ceremony room.

Speaking of suppliers the A-mazing Mitch Matthews was there to light up the dancefloor in the evening.

Here are some more images from their day:

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Syon Park
Lauren & David

Whenever I shoot at Syon Park the wedding there always seem to be fast-paced, high energy bundles of happy. They’re so much fun to cover and they’re always rewarding in their own little ways.

Lauren and David’s wedding was no exception. As it was the last weekend of September the weather had been unpredictable but we got lucky on the day.

They did their day, their way with many little things dotted all over for their guests to have fun with and I wasn’t shooting this alone, they’d booked the awesome Pete and Laura Lawson films and there’s a short clip from their day below along with a link!

I still have many fond memories of their day so take a look below and click ‘read more’ to view and enjoy the video!

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Cripps Barn
Laura & Mitch

I’m back at Cripps Barn today with Laura and Mitch’s wedding from September. This was a dodge the raindrops kind of wedding but it didn’t get in the way. It cleared up nicely in the late afternoon too.

The day started at the Kings Head in Cirencester where both Mitch and Laura were getting ready before heading off.

The nice thing about today was we had time. Sometimes you can cram a lot into too short a timeframe and things feel rushed, but today the ceremony was early, the reception long and there were plenty of gaps in the timeline for everyone to kick back and enjoy the day.

Here’s some more from their day:

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Emily & Andy

I meet a lot of happy couples but there’s a special number of those who are visibly and outwardly happy the whole day; this was the case with Emily and Andy’s wedding at Farbridge.
The Scots contingent certainly helped, nothing was going to get in the way of a good time at their wedding in June and it was non stop fun and laughter the whole time.

Here’s some more of their day to see:

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All Saints Clevedon and Seawall Farm
Kelly & Dan

Mid-September found me on a farm along the coast West of Bristol for Kelly and Dan’s wedding. Other than the ceremony being at the Church of All Saint’s down the road in Clevedon, everything else took place here.

They did a fantastic job of converting one of their barns into an area for dinner and dancing. Adding to this, the pitch of the barn was so high it had a wonderful dramatic openness to it.

I found myself lying down in a field of cows, trying to ‘talk horsey’ and witnessing some epic cider hoarding under the tables that made me feel quite proud.

All in all, this was a non-stop feature-filled day of love and laughter for everyone. I had a great time, here are some more from their day:

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