I’m Chris, a Photographer, Digital Creative and Westie lover.


To me, your wedding is all about the moments between moments, the things that make you tick and those special people in your life that make you tock. When I shoot a wedding, it’s those things I aim to capture. Couples that I’ve worked with have described the work that I deliver as original, cool and creative. I try to be different without being weird, creating timeless, authentic images which last longer than we do.


Because I cover a fusion of styles I’ve been called the ‘swiss army knife’ of wedding photography: I can tell your story and include the tear jerkers, but I know how and when to step up for the more traditional photos which everyone expects as well. When it comes to an editing style, I prefer clean, genuine, representative colours, but turned up to 11. I’m not big on filters and hazes as once they’re on an image, you can’t take them off.

I love diverse types of weddings and couples, they keep my creativity levels high and while I have the opportunity to say this, I strongly believe love is an equal opportunity employer and I will shoot weddings regardless of religion, race or gender orientation.


In the late spring to summer months I’m often found at country locations and destination weddings. As the seasons change, I find I head towards the more challenging urban weddings in cities across the UK. It’s a wonderful contrast across the year with my favourite months being May and October (I love the colours).


Couples also like my service because it’s personal. I’m not an off the shelf product. I’m unique just like your wedding – if you welcome me into such an intimate part of your lives for the day, amongst all of your friends and family, this makes it personal for me too.

I’ll be the one who is there from start to finish: the one meeting you, covering your day, editing and delivering your images and if at the end of the day your guests assume I’ve known you for years, then I’ve done my job perfectly.


In a way, I’m a family historian and the weeks before your wedding and on the day itself, you’ll find me to be friendly, approachable, honest and completely open-handed about my work. You’ll see me paying attention to older family members and I get hands on assisting in the smooth running of things, fixing buttonholes and even repairing wedding dresses should the need arise. After shooting over 600 weddings across 14 years, I’ve seen a lot!


You can always be sure that I’ll be within reach, easy to find and happy to help on the day. I’m not boring…or grumpy and I want to enjoy your wedding as much as you do!


I deliberately have a large number of stories on my site, you can get lost in my work and these are here so you can see and understand how I shoot. If you can see your wedding in amongst these pages then you should absolutely get in touch to tell me about your day because we’ll be a good fit and I can do some amazing work for you.