Emily & Andy

I meet a lot of happy couples but there’s a special number of those who are visibly and outwardly happy the whole day; this was the case with Emily and Andy’s wedding at Farbridge.
The Scots contingent certainly helped, nothing was going to get in the way of a good time at their wedding in June and it was non stop fun and laughter the whole time.

Here’s some more of their day to see:

All Saints Clevedon and Seawall Farm
Kelly & Dan

Mid-September found me on a farm along the coast West of Bristol for Kelly and Dan’s wedding. Other than the ceremony being at the Church of All Saint’s down the road in Clevedon, everything else took place here.

They did a fantastic job of converting one of their barns into an area for dinner and dancing. Adding to this, the pitch of the barn was so high it had a wonderful dramatic openness to it.

I found myself lying down in a field of cows, trying to ‘talk horsey’ and witnessing some epic cider hoarding under the tables that made me feel quite proud.

All in all, this was a non-stop feature-filled day of love and laughter for everyone. I had a great time, here are some more from their day:

Cripps Barn
Jess & Gary

Mid-October weddings can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather. Jess and Gary’s wedding at Cripps Barn was lovely although last year around this date I was there for another wedding with which it was so windy that we lost a veil to the wind as it flew 30 metres away from us, 4 years ago around the same time we had a 28 degree heatwave!

It’s a gamble but one that usually pays off due to the lovely colours all around us.

Jess and Gary’s wedding was a great example of this, we caught the weather perfectly, the trees were all ready to drop and they mostly had all their leaves in place. Good times.

Here’s some more images from the day:

Hunstsham Court
Amy & Rich

Today I’m here to show you Amy and Rich’s wedding at Huntsham Court in Devon.

Grand buildings like this are always somewhat imposing, spacious and lend a sense of authenticity to the area they’re located in, when I pulled up to start I felt I was in the middle of nowhere…because I was!

This was a cosy mid-October do, everyone was in good, chilled spirits and this was a big contrast to the dancefloor later on where people lost their minds 🙂

Here’s some more from their day: