Elmore Court
Katie & Stephen

It was great to be back at Elmore Court this August. It’s one of those venues I always feel there more to do and explore….there’s just so much there to shoot that I always get something fresh each time.

Katie and Stephen’s wedding was the reason for my return this time around and it was my first time covering both sides of prep in the main house.

The weather was fair all day, picture perfect in fact and we didn’t have to go too far for group shots and photos of them both.

Here are some more images from their day….

Southend Barns
Jess & Nathan

Rufus. The. Schnoodle.
I absolutely love dogs. Roggies, Floofs, Boopers and best friends. The unconditional love of a pupper can’t be beat so when I shot Jess and Nathans wedding I was besotted by him. I mean just look…….

I was at Southend Barns for their wedding in August and I had the best time. They chose to have their wedding inside the Milking Barn as it was a very hot day and it took the edge off nicely. This was a great time of year at Southend Barns, everything is at its peak and there are lots of places to go and enjoy for photos. The sun is starting to set earlier too, great for sunset shots after dinner.

Although when we did it this time around everything was great until they walked in to a group of flying ants….and yes, I did keep shooting!

See those and other photos from their day below! x

The Tithe Barn, Petersfield
Steph & Dave

There’s something about a barn wedding in October. For Steph and Dave’s wedding, I was at the Tithe Barn in Petersfield.

I was super surprised when I saw how big it was inside, the roof beams soar really high and give an enormous sense of space.

This was a day of falling leave, fair weather and beer pong. I had a lot of fun and even though I’m familiar with a lot of Barn wedding venues, the Tithe Barn in Petersfield was definitely a unique one for me.

Here’s some more photos from the day: