The Priory Barn Little Wymondley
Rebecca & Pete

On Rebecca and Pete’s wedding day we had the most unpredictable weather. It was sunny to start, then it rained so hard during the ceremony (St Mary’s in Meppershall) that we went to do group photos inside (only for the sun to pop right out again) and at The Priory Barn the rain had a rather dramatic effect on the large group photo (you’ll see what I mean further down).

Suffice to say, the changeability kept everyone pin-sharp and on their toes but it didn’t get in the way of a great time. The Priory Barn arn was big enough to swallow everyone up and protect them from the elements. Later on in the day, we got some amazing payback with their evening photos near twilight.

They went straight from their first dance headlong into a Kayleigh where everyone got involved and it secured a wonderful end to the day.

Here’s some more from their wedding:

Stephanie & Chris

Steph and Chris’ early June wedding was a lot of fun to shoot. Chris is a Farrier so as horses are his thing there were Equine related touches throughout the day.

They were married at Farbridge and as both sides of the wedding were getting ready there I was able to capture both sides pre-ceremony quite nicely.

I loved the Gin station that was set up outside for the drinks reception, something so simple that added a fun point of interest for everyone and the weather was lovely all day, that perfect amount of haze in the sky really helped keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

Here’s some more images from their summer wedding at Farbridge:

Brookfield Barn
Lauren & Tim

Here’s Lauren and Tim’s late August wedding at Brookfield Barn in West Sussex. It was a wonderful outdoor ceremony with fair weather. They were both so excited and looking forward to the wedding in the months leading up to it and Lauren was applauded down the aisle!

After dinner, we took some time out to visit the bridge and grounds around Brookfield Barn for so more photos before heading back inside for the first dance.

Here’s some more of their day:

Cripps Barn and a Rodeo Sheep
Ceri & Alex

I love loonies. There are crazy people everywhere, but I’m specifically focusing on loonies with this post.

Ceri and Alex’s wedding at Cripps Barn was a high energy, rodeo riding, table dancing, ‘where’s my other camera – oh, the bridesmaid has it’, Welsh contingent filled, three cake festival of happy.

From the word go I was embraced by this lot, everyone was out to have fun and it was non-stop all day. The rodeo sheep after dinner was a surprise for most and everyone had a go, even me!

Then as the evening developed Nan managed to find her way on to a table for a quick boogie with Ceri.

There are lots more photos below and they tell their story much better than I can, take a look…!