Bassmead Manor Barns
Zara & Paul

Remember that once in a hundred years heatwave we had in February? Well, it turns out Zara and Paul had impeccable timing in planning their wedding day to fall right in the middle of it.

They were married at Bassmead Manor Barns near Cambridge with everything taking place there.

I’d not been there for a few years and still remember it as the Rickety Barns that used to consist of the ceremony barn and a marquee. Now though it’s had a full refit and refurbishment complete with new buildings to cater for all and any who choose to get married there. It’s completely different now!

Here are some more photos from their day:

East Quay Wedding Venue
Rebecca & Andy

Summertime beach weddings are always fun to shoot so when Beccy and Andy asked me to shot their wedding at Easy Quay on the Kent coast I was really looking forward to it.

It was the first week of August and the hazy summer skies helped set a perfect backdrop for their day.

Beccy used the nearby Hotel Continental for her prep while Andy was with the guys at the Fishermans Huts a short walk away. Fish and Chips was the order of the day, along with an Oyster bar during the reception.

Beach weddings give a huge amount of choice when looking for places to shoot, boats, beach huts and backgrounds are all there to help set a scene!

Here are some more photos from their day: