Christ’s Church, Dulwich College
Emily & David

Emily and David’s wedding was at two places I’d never been before, Christ’s Church in Dulwich as well as Dulwich College.

The church has a unique look to it, not very churchy at all but instead a gothic imposition which is nice to look at as you approach it.
Christ's Church WeddingDavid got ready at the Half Moon Inn while Emily was at the family home with her bridesmaids before meeting up as one at the Chapel. After some photos on the grounds, we left for Dulwich College a short trip down the road where the rest of the day continued.

This wedding stood out because everyone was so close and emotionally connected. Spirits ran high, free and it was an amazing experience to have.

Here are some more photos from their day:

The Town Hall Hotel Bethnal Green
Rachel & Joshua

If you’ve never been to the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green you really should. It feels familiar even though you’ve never been there before.

In my case, it could be down to the minimalistic art deco design and period colours or maybe it’s just that I’ve been watching too much of His Dark Materials / Killing Eve / Mrs Wilson on ‘telly of late but I felt right at home here. A wonderfully honest space which still felt modern.

For Rachel and Josh wedding it all took place here, the prep, the party and the overnight stay. From a shooting perspective, every area had something new to offer with so many places to go for photos I was quite spoilt.

Here are some more images from their day:

Nonsuch Mansion at Christmas
Amy and Chris

It may be cold outside but for those getting married, this time of year lends a sense of warmth to the month.

December weddings have a certain intimacy and closure to that separates them from those at other times of year…and not just because often we can’t go outside!

Amy and Chris had their candlelit ceremony at St John the Baptist in Kingston before heading to Nonsuch Mansion in Cheam for their reception.

It was a lovely, colourful Christmas wedding and here are some more photos from their day: