The Honourable Honourable Artillery Company Wedding

The Honourable Artillery Company
Joanna & Adam

I love a London wedding with Joanna and Adam’s being no exception. They chose St Dunstans Church (Stepney High Street) for their ceremony which then followed on to The Honourable Artillery Company where they had dinner upstairs in the Long Room as well as photos on the ground situated around the Artillery Garden.

This was in the middle of June so we had great weather and there was a lot of time to kick back and relax.

Here are some more images from their day:

A West Peckham Village Wedding
Anna & Ben

Anna and Bens’ wedding in West Peckham was themed around their surroundings, an Apple orchard. With table names based around differing types of apple and a lot of the outdoors being brought inside strewn across the beams of their marquee and on the tables. As all this was on the grounds of Anna’s family home the scene was being set for a wonderful day surrounded by their family and friends.

I started the day there and bounced between St Dunstan’s Church in the village to cover both sides of the preparations.

What made this wedding especially nice was Anna’s father is the vicar at St Dunstans so after the Bentley dropped her at the church her brother walked Anna down the aisle where Dad was waiting.

It made the ceremony particularly family and community orientated and myself, I positioned myself poorly under the loudest choir member and my ears were ringing….!

After, we headed back to the marquee for drinks and photos. I was spoilt here for backdrops and even the rain, when it came, threw it down late enough to not get in the way for the reception and the broken cloud cover gave us respite from the sun and it looked great in the resulting images.

In the evening we had a Cèilidh that everyone took part in.

This was one of those family, fun summer day weddings in an ideal setting and lovely people. I ended the day with a few shots by the apple trees and some of my lights before heading home, exhausted!

Here are some more images from their day:

The Old Rectory, Hastings
Emily & Alex


The Old Rectory Hastings Wedding

I’ll shoot weddings of all shapes and sizes so with Emily and Al’s wedding at The Old Rectory in Hastings having a perfectly cosy 30 guests they all fitted perfectly at the venue.

The Old Rectory is a boutique B+B a few minutes walk from the Old Town part of Hastings and they have a semi permenant Marquee with their ceremony space being outside next to it.

I started my day seeing the guys down the local and few minutes away before heading back for the ceremony itself. I was really spoilt here with the grounds. It wasn’t just the flowers, it wasn’t just the weather, it was the scale and detail of the Rectory that made everything interesting. Even gramps being airlifted up the steps was fun to see.

Dinner consisted of a posh BBQ with a great selection of food, ice cream and a gin station of which I was enjoying as I was staying there the night as well. As an aside to this I shoot a lot of weddings but a BBQ (with bread and butter too), ice cream and gin is all the good stuff in my book. Good. Honest. Food.

After dinner we went down to the Old Town. There’s some fishermans huts that way and they’re a great backdrop for some edgy photos. We had a lot of fun there, the boys made themselves an album cover, the girls rocked out too and it was nice to shoot something so different.

In the evening we got smashed with the help of some Cider kegs (of which I picked the 6% stuff) and we had a great time.

It’s funny thinking back and typing this out from memory because it makes me remember just how great a day it was…and it wasn’t just the cider!

Here are some more images from their day: