Upwaltham Barns June Wedding

Upwaltham Barns in June
Stacey & Shane

Upwaltham Barns June Wedding

As it’s -7 out there right now I thought I’d show you Stacey and Shane’s wedding from the final day of June last year at Upwaltham Barns to reassure you that this cold is temporary and there is much better weather to come.

On the day we had clear blue skies and it marked the beginning of the summer heatwave that ended a month later. When it finally broke and the heavens opened I was shooting a wedding on a boat in London getting very wet.

But that’s another story, for another time.

So here we have the lovely Stacey and Shane, their day started apart with Stacey at Rubens Barn getting ready with her maids and for Shane, Benges Cottage 10 minutes away. It’s amazing just how many different places I’ve seen around Petworth that couples get ready in. You think it’s all fields but there’s lots of little places to stay dotted everywhere.

Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photographer

This wedding was a biggie with 145 guests spread around the grounds. There were garden games, the Moroccon snug provided extra shade to compliment the trees all the while a steel drummer was playing upbeat ambience to keep everyones tempo high.

Because of the heat we deferred most of the couple shots until after dinner as the lazy summer sun didn’t seem to be going anywhere and it also bought them more time with their guests. It was a more relaxed time of day too.