Swallows Nest Barn

One from the weekend – The ‘Pinwheel of colour’
Ali & Alex at Swallows Nest Barn

Swallows Nest Barn Wedding

It’s been a bit of a crazy few days with weddings in Essex, Warwick and yesterday, on a boat in central London. But, this is July and this is how weddings do. The weddings themselves aren’t overly tiring (although Fridays heat was something else) but the mountain of editing they bring means I won’t have any free time until November.

About this shot – So this is Ali and Alex at Swallows Nest Barn in Warwick on Saturday. The weather was changeable and a welcome break from the heatwave we’ve had these last couple of months. I call this shot the pinwheel of colour because the low sun and stormy clouds above gave us a magenta / blue cascade that visually moved in a clockwise motion to the green field, completing with the dried out field Ali was in. Their placement was deliberate to get give good contrast with his suit and Ali blew a raspberry at Alex without any direction from me. 😀