The complete works

The Complete Wedding Photography Workflow
From Raw to Jpeg and everything inbetween

The complete worksSo yeah, let’s do this.

I’ve written this set of posts because not a day goes by when you don’t see someone tripping over their feet with workflow. Or worse still, a situation where a photographer hasn’t backed up their stuff and lost a whole wedding pre edit. It’s something I see sporadically on Facebook so hopefully the following content will not only give back to the community but also help avoid it happening in the future.


The Complete Wedding Photographers Raw to Jpeg Workflow:

This blog post covers the following –

  • Copying in from your flash cards and testing the integrity of Raw files in a simple way
  • Backup up ALL your raw wedding files to the cloud in under 8 hours
  • How to quickly sort and cull your raws ready for processing
  • How to rate your images in one single pass for culling, blogs and galleries
  • How to label up the files for social media in one hit
  • Lastly, what I feel is the best way to backup your files

What I won’t tell you is how to edit your work, that stuff is down to you but I believe this workflow is the best way to work, if you would like to share any tips from your own workflow then please, pop them in the comments below.

Hopefully this post will help you out in one way or another because we handle so many images per wedding an efficient workflow is essential to stay sane.