M Restaurant Wedding

M Restaurant, Threadneedle Street, London
Laura and James

London Restaurant Wedding in Threadneedle StreetIt’s been a while since I shot Laura and James’ wedding. Late May in fact but blogging takes time and time is something I don’t have much of between May-November. In a way though, it’s good for the soul when I finally do get around to writing up this years weddings gone by and the way the photos remind me of their amazing day is a testament to why I shoot weddings and, the value behind the frames.

I started in Chalcot Square where the girls were getting ready for the day. On arrival it was hard not to notice their home was a nod to their journey in pretty much every corner. From old passport photos among the movie memorabilia to James’ N64 collection….it felt like a home, it felt like theirs and you could get a feel for their personalities as a result.

This first part of the day was a hilarious experience because as Laura was from Australia we had Aussie bridesmaids and those are great to have. Cheeky, outgoing and always funny, they were great to be around.

London Restaurant Wedding in Threadneedle StreetOnce everyone was ready we black taxi’d it to the venue which was M Restaurant, situated in Threadneedle Street. This is a relatively new venue with a really nice modern feel to it. Lots of light and shadow everywhere and it leant an urban feel to the day.

I met up with James and the guys. I spent a little time with them before the girls arrived and as the guests ushered in we got ready for the ceremony. All the guys were in black suit and tie combos. I loved this. Classically simple styling won out.

As Allan walked Laura down the aisle towards James it was to Pink Floyds ‘Wish You Were Here’ which I’ll admit, blindsided me a bit as I love a bit of Floyd. While yes, I have played WYWH to death over the last 20 years – when you aren’t expecting it to be the song the bride is walking down to it blindsided me a bit. Especially when you’re indoors, manually setting flash and trying to stop the motion of a subject coming towards you.

After they became one Laura and James exited through the confetti and we headed upstairs for drinks at the bar and a little while later went for photos.

London Restaurant Wedding in Threadneedle StreetFor their photos we headed to the Royal Exchange and found streets and backgrounds along the way central to the venue so we weren’t away from the guests for too long .

Dinner was next. I really liked M Restaurant, there were booths and banquet style tables for everyone and it broke the area up nicely. You could see everyone but also they could naturally interact in smaller groups. The venue has lots of low lighting everywhere which looks great in the background of photos.

After dinner we headed to the dancefloor and spent the rest of the evening either dancing or going off piste for some night photos.

Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

Farnham Castle
Amy & Tom

Farnham Castle Wedding

Here’s Amy and Tom’s Wedding at Farnham Castle. They were married in early September and we were spoiled with so much on the day to shoot.

Amy got ready in the Gate house with the girls and the guys were with Tom up in the bridal suite were Laura also was, covering their prep.

This was a wedding that oozed attention to detail. From personalised stationery, individual bridesmaids dresses, festoon lighting outside, projection lighting inside, light up signs, a painted cake on an ornamental dresser as well as flowers everywhere you can be sure there was a lot to experience and enjoy here.

Farnham Castle Wedding

Their ceremony was held in the Lantern Hall. I’ve seen this set up in various ways but they had it arranged for the longest aisle, and at the end of it, a nervous Tom was waiting.

There were flowers everywhere, pom poms, vases with stems and the light cut through the windows just so. As if everything was lining up as it was meant to. Their friends gave readings and played music, Amy and Tom said their vows and we went outside for a flood of confetti on the Foxes stairs.

There was plenty going on outside for the guests, with lawn games, a Prosecco Bar and canapes were served all under the imposing stature of Farnham Castle and as we were so high up, the view for miles across Farnham itself.

Farnham Castle Wedding

We took this time to steal Amy and Tom away for photos. The weather like this, at this time of year is a gift so we headed of to the pretty scenery and background around the Castle. when we returned the Gatsby Girls were performing as an introduction to dinner.

It was a lovely, cosy fit in the Lantern Hall for dinner. The tables were arranged in three long banqueting lines, dinner was served, speeches followed and we then went outside for cocktail hour along the stone hall and the lawn itself.

Skibo Castle

Skibo Castle Weddings

Skibo Castle Wedding

Skibo Castle

There are many venues I’d love to shoot at, one of which is Skibo Castle. This fantastic and exclusive wedding venue can be found to the west of Dornoch in the Highland county of Sutherland, Scotland overlooking the Dornoch Firth. It is operated as The Carnegie Club, a members-only residential club, offering members and their guests accommodation in both the castle and estate lodges, and hosts a number of weddings per year.

Skibo Castle is on my bucket list of wedding venues to cover. If you’d like me to be there for your wedding please get in touch.