Iford Village Hall Weding

Iford Village Hall
Shelley & Scott

Iford Village Hall Wedding PhotographyOne thing I love to do is blog, to write up my weddings in a way that I saw them and in a way, to debrief myself of the day because so much happens. I’m a part of this 12+ hour rollercoaster of emotion that it always has a long term impact on me.

This year though I look back and realise I’ve not blogged since June. Mainly because I’ve been so busy. 2016 marks the most number of weddings I’ve shot and as I now stay later and deliver so many photos something had to take a back seat. As a result I’m now playing catchup.

So for those who follow me online, lurk in the background or whose weddings I’ve yet to shoot, apologies, but watch this space!


Shelley and Scott’s wedding was ace. They both live Sussex way, in Hove and with their wedding ceremony at the Brighton Bandstand it was easy enough for them to get ready just a few minutes walk away. I loved the eclectic decor of their home, HRH the queen Victoria was on show and all sorts of things that defined them were everywhere.

I rocked up to find Shelley with her makeup underway and I settled there for a bit before heading off to a nearby hotel for Scott’s prep before returning to Shelley for her final stages before walking to the Bandstand with them.

Iford Village Hall Wedding PhotographyBrighton Bandstand is a nice personable space but it does suffer if the wind is up, which was the case this time around so we used the restaurant underneath for the ceremony. It suited their numbers well and after we went for photos on the beach and used the Bandstand too.

Shelley and Scott booked a bus to take them and their guests to Iford Village Hall which is around 20 minutes away an is a typically cute village hall, in a sleepy village with a church nearby and a small row of houses. It was Idyllic, peacful and pretty all around. We didn’t see another soul there all day and I was very impressed because it seems to be the type of place everyone looks for but not somewhere everyone finds when they book their wedding.

It was beautifully decorated inside and a lot of the trinkets were from their home which made it particularly sweet. Teapots, porcelain figurines and polaroids of themselves all helped them to own the venue.

Iford Village Hall Wedding PhotographyEven though we had photos at the beach there was so much pretty it was rude not to take advantage our surroundings. So after tea we disappeared for 15 minutes to the church and the fields.

Their wedding was filled with the most important people and at around 30 guests it was intimate and cosy which was helped by the size of Iford VIllage Hall too.