Buxted Park Wedding Photos

Buxted Park Hotel
Vicky & Chris

Buxted Park Wedding
They say ‘The truth of a story lies in the details’, and that’s certainly true when it comes to the story of two people in love saying ‘I do’. A happy couple’s wedding day is but a chapter in their lives together as a whole, but as a single day, it’s a story all of its own.
Buxted Park Wedding

A story that usually requires a great deal of preparation of course, including months of planning to make sure everything goes perfectly and that all the details are in place. Often though, for the happy couple, when the big day arrives, it is so full of excitement and well wishers and celebrating, it’s hard to take in all the little touches they’ve worked so hard on. When I photograph a wedding, my job is to capture all of those beautiful details that have been so carefully crafted, so that the newlyweds can enjoy their story and share it with their loved ones for years to come.
Buxted Park Wedding

The details at Vicky and Chris’ wedding were plentiful and wonderful, with so many personal touches that made their day so uniquely their own – from the wonderful E Type Jaguar that took Vicky to the Buxted Park Hotel, to her Cardiff City garter that served as a quirky ‘something blue’. It’s a real privilege to take photos that could only belong to the particular happy couple in question; the sort of photos that really personalise a wedding album and make it one to treasure.

However much planning goes on ahead of time though, there are of course things you can’t control – namely the weather in this case! But it’s all about perspective, and Vicky and Chris had exactly the right attitude, braving the rain with a delicate pink umbrella for what actually turned out to be one of my personal favourite outdoor shots of the day.