Buxted Park Wedding T-Rex

Buxted Park
Kimberley & Michael

buxted-park-t-rex-wedding-51Before I tell you about Kimberley and Michaels’ wedding at Buxted Park I’m going to use this opportunity to let you know that in the last 6 weeks we’ve had a MASSIVE site rebuild and upgrade.

We’ve moved from the .co.uk address to the more global .com, the site has now quadrupled in size (600mb to 2.4gb), it’s responsive and has been built from the ground up. We wanted the site to be more user friendly, informative and best of all have a bigger capacity for photos…we’re now on a dedicated server too so you can have the smoothest user experience possible.

We really like it and hope you do too!

So here is Kimberley and Michaels wedding. They were married at the Church of St Pancras in Kingston near Lewes with their wedding reception and evening festivities at the Buxted Park Hotel in Uckfield.

We did really well with the weather all day long and Kimberley brought her horse, Zambia too.

kimberley-and-michael-523-of-840It always seems an easy thing to do….in my head…photographing a bride, groom and horse but it’s never as easy as you think it will be. I found myself shooting on the fly and improvising as I went. With great results.

Then there was the T-Rex.

Now I’m always happy to take requests from couples and the Dinosaur Photobomb is very in at the moment so I jumped at the opportunity.

It helps to have a large number of the bridal party eager and ready to run for their lives (screaming) towards the camera too!

The actual T-Rex ‘meld’ took 6 hours to do. The top image right now is version 4.

I like being kicked out of my comfort zone with requests…as long as they aren’t spot colour shots or faces in wine glasses.

buxted-park-t-rex-wedding-63The Dinosaur Photobomb did give the unexpected benefit of teaching me more abilities in Photoshop which I can now carry on to other weddings (Brush jitters / Scattering / brush dynamics etc).

This was an awesome day, with amazingly cool people. Everyone was a star to be around…the first person on the dancefloor was Grandad (who’s 89), Michaels impression of a Monkey was something worth seeing on repeat, the wedding raffle, the Marryoke and there were some crazy guests running around the Orangery in pink wigs and red indian feathers from the photobooth. It was a fast paced action packed day!