Clarice House Wedding

Clarice House
Becky & Tom

Clarice House Wedding
Oh so, bit of a biggie this one, huge in fact.

There are so many facets to Becky and Tom’s Autumn Wedding at Clarice House that I’m not to sure where to start other than from the beginning.

This wedding was covered by myself and Laura jointly. Laura covered Tom and the boys at Clarice House with myself covering Becky and Co at her parents down the road.

Because of the distance we stayed the night before at the venue, (No point starting a wedding after a long drive, hard to party with the camera later on) but it was an 8am start regardless, with lots to do.

Clarice House WeddingThe start of the day was very rainy and cold. My lenses kept steaming up from going outside to shoot the shoes and back in to cover the prep…. this time of year condensation is the enemy!

Becky’s shoes were from Kurt Geiger and the dress was an Elizabeth Fillmore number from Browns Bride.

And no, I can’t tell you how much it was.

Once everyone was ready and I’d taken the portraits of family that I usually do:

I ran ahead to Clarice house and on the way it started snowing.

I’m often asked what the best weather to have for a wedding, for me at least it’s a case of ‘as long as it’s not windy’, which it wasn’t 🙂

Once there I rejoined my beloved Laura to take stock of what had happened so far and planned ahead for the rest of the day.

What followed was a beautiful ceremony and dinner. There was even a letter from the Queen saying she was unable to attend:

Becky and Tom also had a friend paint a canvas where a little piece of each was given to each guest. The intention being to piece the puzzle back together again.

Clarice House WeddingDuring the evening there was a cake competition where everyone brought their own. I found out the difference between Macaroon’s and Macaron’s and we all had a dance to the most Awesome Wedding Band I’ve seen this year, Brass Roots.

This is the point in my blog where I usually say, ‘and here are some more photo’, not so on this one.

You see we took over the Swimming Pool, with ‘That dress’ after the first dance…..

I’ve really only just touched on some of the fabulous and amazing things from the day.