Field Place Worthing
Ellie & Conor

I did a lot of weddings in 2011 but one of my favourites was that of Ellie and Conor’s at Field Place Worthing.

A Church wedding with lots of nice, well thought out touches, good people, good light and weather all made the day what it was.

I started off at Ellie’s parents for the prep side of things and during this time I also shot off to Conor’s parents to get some quick shots of him getting ready before returning to Ellie. When couples are close in location it’s always pretty cool to get both sides of the story. If there’s distance though I’ll draft in Laura.

The church was St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Surrenden road Brighton. This is a large church which holds this years title of ‘Biggest windows in a church’. It was great, all this lovely warm midsummer light entered the church. The Vicar allowed me relatively free reign with my photography and because of this, was able to get a large number of great, diverse images.

ellie-and-conor-652-of-667Now I’m going to talk shop a little bit here with regards to cameras during the service. I often request that cameras not be used as the bride walks down the aisle and when the couple leave together.

For this reason:

Absolutely out of the park beautiful, in every way.

You see, I don’t mind cameras, I can’t be in two places at once so welcome them, but…. imagine this shot where 90% of the guests are holding a camera up to their faces? Because everyone has a camera now this is all too common and impacts an otherwise great picture.

The reception was at Field Place Worthing. Two great big barns joined together in an L shape basically. tucked into this L shape is a large flat lawn which suits Jenga, Croquet and other similar games. Inside Field Place was beautifully decorated with drapes and seats a really  large number of guests.

ellie-and-conor-29-of-667In the evening we moved to the other annex of Field Place Worthing for the dancing and buffet. This part has a large stage, wooden floor and a tabled bar area. It works really well and completes it as a venue.